We’re Here to Shift Your Thinking…

We are a focused, experienced group of dedicated impact professionals. Our team crosses disciplines, bridges generations, and spans the globe.

We are strategists and planners, communicators and designers, analysts and impact report writers. Junxion team members, our alumni, and our vast international network are deeply committed to social justice and to environmental conservation. We are bound together in our commitment to the vision of a new economy in which concentrated profit-taking is disrupted by generative progress-making.

We Can’t Get There Without You….

As consultants, our success is your success. When you make a meaningful impact, that gives our work meaning, too. So we work in close collaboration with our clients, striving always to lift your capacity and accelerate your progress.

We focus on relationships more than transactions. We ask the hard questions, help you to find the answers, and shift your thinking about what you can achieve.

Would You Like to Meet Our Team?…

Mike Rowlands

President & CEO

Consultant. Convenor. Advisor to entrepreneurs. Philosopher and teacher.

Garth Yule

Managing Director, Canada

Mind of a strategist, eye of a designer, heart of an activist.

Adam Garfunkel

Managing Director, UK

Sustainability consultant. Writer. Passionate campaigner.

    Katja Macura

    Senior Consultant

    Business strategist. Sustainability maven. Local economics advocate.

      Pamela Divinsky

      Senior Consultant

      Strategist. Speaker. Researcher. Creative Analytic Thinker. Challenger.

        Menaka Premkumar


        Analytical, creative, and collaborative.

          Chantal Schauch

          Senior Consultant

          Social entrepreneur, community leader and explorer.

            Sherry Pomerleau

            Design Director

            Cultivator of creativity and proven entrepreneur.

              Andrea Horth

              Senior Consultant

              Content strategist, project wrangler, and London-based Canadian.

                Sarah Pearse


                Entrepreneur. Strategist. Adventurer.

                  Shayla Meyer


                  Interdisciplinary. Inquisitive. Impact Maker.

                    Winston Lanyon

                    Senior Developer

                    Software Developer. User Experience Engineer. SEO Consultant.