Junxion Strategy is an international social impact consultancy.

For over 20 years, we’ve been advising on strategy, sustainability, and social impact, for a global portfolio of clients that includes some of the world’s most courageous and generative brands. From offices in Vancouver, Toronto, and London, UK, we’ve served clients on five continents, helping define their purpose, plan their impact, tell their stories, and embrace accountability. In a time that requires bold solutions, we extend this invitation:

Let’s be Audacious, Together….
> Our Approach

Know your purpose

What’s meaningful about your organization? How will the world be made better by your work?
> Set the foundation for a meaningful organization.

Plan your impact

What capabilities must your organization build? What is your best path to success?
> Plan your strategy, embedding learning, agility and impact.

Share your story

How will you inspire your stakeholders’ trust? What makes you invaluable to your community?
> Build a responsible, inclusive and values-driven TrustBrand™.

Be accountable

Can you measure your impact? Will you showcase your work, so others can learn from your example?
> Showcase your leadership and accelerate success.


Leading changemakers from around the world.

> Our Case Studies

We work with executive, sustainability and corporate responsibility teams, helping make their companies model corporate citizens.