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Social Impact Consulting Services

Junxion Strategy helps leaders build the social purpose organizations that are the success stories of the next economy. We’re here to provide thoughtful advice to audacious leaders.

The Next Economy is Emerging

Our shared understanding of what it means for an organization to ‘create value’—and for whom—has shifted radically. Leaders have hard questions to answer:

  • How will you respond to shifting demands from community? From employees?
  • How will you stay competitive while building a meaningful, engaging workplace?
  • How will you keep pace with the change, while contributing to the social outcomes you know are possible?

These are hard, new questions. Everything we knew about how to run a successful business is being challenged. Everything we knew about how to run a successful nonprofit is being upended. How will you plan and prioritize amid all this change?

You Are Not Alone

Bold social entrepreneurs, courageous intrapreneurs, and concerned citizens of all ages, genders, and races are occupying the space between the traditional silos of businesses and non-profits. They’re living, leading, and working at the junction of local traditions and new identities, resilient communities and global networks, human relationships and digital algorithms. 

Our support for our clients is grounded in values-driven leadership, a holistic model of social responsibility, and decades of experience in social impact and social innovation. In short, It all comes together at Junxion. Get started with Junxion and you’ll quickly benefit from our commitment to values, our supportive approach, and our powerful network of allies and resources.

Let’s work together to build a success story of the next economy.

Does your organisation want to embed real purpose and make a tangible impact?
Benefit from our years of experience supporting organizations and sectors. No task is too big or too complex for our team.