Shift Your Thinking™

It seems everyone these days is committed to making a difference—to “putting a dent in the universe.”

But breakthroughs don’t happen without a plan, a community of supporters, and countless course corrections along the way.

We integrate strategy, branding and impact reporting in an approach that helps our clients change the world for the better.

Strategy without a public face is just an academic exercise. Interesting, but not necessarily impactful. Brand without a strategic underpinning is just storytelling. Fun, but not necessarily productive. And even when strategy and brand are thoughtfully connected, without rigorous and reliable impact measurement, organizations can still fail to make progress.

Our approach is grounded in values-driven leadership, a holistic model of social responsibility, and decades of experience in social impact and social innovation.

Business are embracing social responsibility. Non-profits are embracing social entrepreneurship. In the ‘space between’ breakthroughs that will Shift Your Thinking.

Invite us to support your strategic planning, and we’ll bring into the conversation a healthy dose of community engagement and social impact. Engage us on brand strategy, and we’ll connect your goals and objectives to storytelling that captivates your community. Ask us to create and deliver a plan or campaign, and we’ll help you define, track and report on the social impact metrics that measure your progress toward ‘the change you seek.’

Planning, branding, measurement, and reporting work best when they’re integrated. We’ve proven that’s true in corporate social responsibility, social entrepreneurship, and with non-profits. That’s our approach. And that’s how we support leaders and organizations committed to rethinking profit for the common good.