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Strategy & Planning

Ready to define your purpose and embed it in your strategy? Need to embrace a new approach to planning that keeps pace with the purpose economy? Keen to engage your stakeholders in your vision and mission?

For decades, companies have focused excessively on short-term returns. Those days are over.

Transparency, sustainability and the triple bottom line are no longer reserved for the most progressive organizations. They’re imperatives for everyone aiming to earn trust in the 21st century. Leaders have pressing questions to address:

  • How will you respond to shifting demands from consumers around sustainability and social justice?
  • How will the world be made better by your work?
  • How will you retain talent who are looking for meaningful, engaging work?
  • What does your organization need to be ready for success?
  • How will you get there from here?!

These aren’t questions that can be answered by spreadsheets or Big Data. At Junxion, we use a combination of skills and approaches to help you thrive, such as group process, design thinking and appreciative inquiry.

Service Features
Purpose, Vision & Mission
Why does your organization exist? How will the world be made better by your work? And what's your unique contribution?
Values Definition
In the next economy, how you behave is as important as what you achieve. We can help you identify and define your values, then embed them within your organization.
Value Proposition Design
Value is in the eye of the beholder. Learn what your customers value, match that to your products or services, and you’ll see the path to a scalable enterprise.
Impact Business Model Design
As our friends at B Lab say, “any company that has an Impact Business Model is uncommon and extraordinary.” Learn how to leave a positive impact and a valuable legacy.
Agile Strategy & Implementation
Great plans are built to evolve as the organization learns and develops. Embed resilience and adaptiveness as you implement your strategy.
Overwhelmed by sustainability, ESG, and social impact?
Navigating the new landscape can seem arduous. We're here to help clear things up and set you up for success.