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Brand, Culture & Communications

Striving to distinguish yourself from competitors and peers? Unclear on what attracts your customers, donors, or investors? Ready to put a public face on your breakthrough plans?

Brand: the public face of strategy.

Globally, influences on brands have expanded to include questions of environmental sustainability, social responsibility and good organizational governance. These are the pressures—and the opportunities—of the Purpose Economy. Ready or not, your stakeholders are watching how you’ll step up.

Driven by the interweaving symptoms of the climate emergency, technology-enabled human connectivity, and the demands of the millennial generation, every brand is being pushed to behave responsibly. And to tell its story clearly, transparently, and authentically.

Junxion has spent 20 years developing, testing and refining an approach to brand strategy that’s been used by dozens of organizations on four continents. What began for us as a response to the collapse of the dotcom boom has evolved to become a powerful and distinctive approach ideally suited to the next economy.

Every organization has a ‘brand.’ Some think of it as nothing more than a memorable logo. But effective brands are much more than that. They’re also more than promises, or catchy names, or memorable slogans. They’re the public face of strategy. And yours can play a big part in achieving your mission.

A strong, values-driven brand inspires its stakeholders with a distinctive commitment to making lives better. That’s not simple. Then consider the complex interplay of contemporary media, the influence of customer or donor experiences, and the immense competition for attention—not to mention the new expectations of the next economy. Standing out from the crowd isn’t easy!

This is the complicated space we’ve called home for over two decades. Whether you’re a new social venture, a determined NGO, or an international business, we’ll help lift you to success.

Think of it as branding, but bigger.

Service Features
Positioning Strategy
Positioning puts your brand and values into the competitive context. And it's fundamental to successful marketing.
Stakeholder Engagement
Your community has the answers to the questions that vex you. All you have to do is talk with your stakeholders.
Storytelling Workshops
Once you've got your strategy, how are you going to communicate it? In our workshops, we'll teach you how to make sure your message resonates.
Purpose Workshops
For purpose to succeed, it needs to be embedded within your organization. We'll help your employees truly understand your purpose through engaging, interactive workshops.
Ready to align your brand and culture?
A strong, values-driven brand inspires its stakeholders with a distinctive commitment to making lives better. We can help you develop a future-proof brand strategy and communications plan.