Responsible Corporations

Supporting Responsible Corporations

We work with executive, sustainability, and corporate social responsibility teams, helping make their companies model corporate citizens.

Social transparency and increasing calls for ‘social licence’ and sustainability are driving community engagement and environmental responsibility into the headlines, and on to the agendas of business leaders around the world. Companies that behave responsibly also enjoy greater financial success. But that doesn’t mean that corporate social responsibility is easy.

The Continuum of Corporate Social Returns

Your commitment to socially responsible business means you are joining a global community of practice whose hallmarks are a spirit of collaboration and empathy.

Today’s ‘best employers’ and most valuable brands are connected by their commitment to ‘shared value’—the cultivation of practices that pay dividends to communities, the environment and shareholders. An effective CSR approach will consider the organization’s approach to change, the materiality of its impact, and effective communications.

There’s really no longer any doubt that CSR is an essential part of business strategy. For many, the real question is: Where do you start? And what comes next?

Junxion supports decision-makers and intrapreneurs in their planning, implementation and reporting on corporate social responsibility and sustainability efforts:

  • Philanthropic and cause marketing campaigns.
  • Integrative strategic planning the respects social, environmental and fiscal needs.
  • Materiality analysis.
  • Social innovation programs.
  • CSR and Sustainability Reporting.

The marketplace is changing. And so are consumers’ demands for quality and ethical production. Your corporate reputation is tied to your company’s responsibility to your communities and our environment. We’re here to help you find the right approaches to assessing your impact, devising your strategy, and communicating with your customers and stakeholders. Please connect with us to learn more about our approach and our experience.

These are some of the corporations we’ve been engaged to support: