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Defining a Strategy to Renew and Unite the Delphi and GLOBE Series Brands

Drawing on our experience and expertise in social innovation, we developed a strategy and brand framework that aligns the four brands in a ‘constellation.’

The Delphi Group has long been recognized as a national leader and trusted advisor to corporations on issues of sustainability. They invited Junxion to help them and sister company GLOBE Series make a bigger, bolder impact in Canada and beyond.

The Challenge

In 2016, Delphi acquired the rights to produce the biennial GLOBE Series conference—one of the world’s most important convenings of senior environmental changemakers. By 2018—after two GLOBE Series events under the new leadership—it was time to develop a strategy to draw more value from their union.

How We Helped

Junxion was engaged by the Delphi Group to help define a strategy that would renew their business model and unite the Delphi and GLOBE Series brands, along with Leading Change and EXCEL Partnership.

Drawing on our experience and expertise in social innovation and on frameworks for collaboration amid complexity, we recommended a new, wide-reaching approach to bring the four brands together in a ‘constellation.’ The constellation is united by a singular vision of “A sustainable, prosperous and socially just future for our children within a generation,” and each ‘star’ in the group is distinguished by its own unique mission.

We also developed a cohesive set of brand identities, the first of which to roll out is GLOBE Series, in advance of their 2019 GLOBE Capital conference.

Measuring Success

Acknowledging their commitment to “deliver greater results and offer more opportunities to [their] clients and partners” Mike Gerbis, Delphi Group’s CEO, is looking to create “a bigger impact in Canada and beyond.”

As the new brands roll out, we’ll work with Delphi and GLOBE to measure and evaluate their collective performance as they pursue their newly articulated, shared vision.

We brought Junxion in to help us think through our new business model, because we wanted a fresh perspective that was grounded in social innovation and new economy thinking. Like us, they and many of their clients are making the bold leap to a new way of doing business. Their approach was collaborative, supportive, and effective—and our collaboration is a great success.

– Mike GerbisCEO, Delphi Group and GLOBE Series