Reflections of Our CEO: The Moments That Matter

Two years ago, about this time, we were counting down the days until a family trip to Europe. Planned for well over a year, this was to be a once-in-a-lifetime chance for ten of us to visit some incredible sites and cities, reveling in the company of those we most love.

A few days before we departed, it occurred to me to ask what moment each of us was anticipating with the most excitement. While all the answers were perfect in their own way, one stood out for me: my father was looking forward to a group photo on the Liverpool riverfront, with the famous Royal Liver Building in the background. His growing family, smiling and happy, in the city where he grew up. A priceless moment, for sure.

For me, the answer was the moment we would step out of Marco Polo Airport and board a water taxi to zip across to Venice. You’ve probably seen the iconic, long, speedboats in any one of countless films set in this improbable, incredible city. As I stood at the back of the boat with my son, it sure felt like a scene from a Bond film!

As I write this, I’m sitting in a friend’s home on Cortes Island, looking out at the Salish Sea. I watched the sun rise from my bed about an hour ago—the sky filling with the richest purples and oranges, turning the ocean to copper, before the burning red sun rose over an adjacent island. Nature working her unending magic.

When was the last time you experienced a priceless, magic moment?

Did you notice it at the time, because it took your breath away or brought you to the edge of tears? Or did you recall it later, recognizing its profundity only after its implications unfolded?

How many times have you heard the cliché advice to be present—to ‘live in the moment?’ How many days have you felt like you really were able to do so?

Over this spring break vacation, I’ve been thinking a lot not only about the moments I remember, but also about the moments I can create.

We took my niece and nephew on a hike last week on a trail I chose because I knew they’d be enthralled by the old cars abandoned decades ago in the forest. Long since picked over for parts, and now carpeted in moss, they sit silently off the side of the trail, like a frozen scene in a Pixar film. The kids were filled with wonder, of course…. What moments might you create for those you love? Can you imagine a more generous way to show up in life?

Moments of insight emerge when we have the space to see patterns.

I’ve also been thinking about work this week. Time away always affords me the perspective to see the patterns and opportunities in our work, our company, and our context. Yesterday, I read a client post and it rekindled an old idea that was waiting for the right time. It was a cue to open a conversation that’s been waiting for the right moment…. What space are you making to see all the pieces of your business puzzle? Can you imagine a stronger, ‘big picture’ style for your leadership?

Sometimes, the moments can’t be planned. Sitting at this dining table a few nights ago, I was about to share with my family some news that’s important to me, when at that exact moment, a bright red moon rose out of the horizon. It was as if the universe felt compelled to provide some punctuation! And yesterday evening, as we sat on the beach watching the sunset, a bald eagle dropped out of the tree above us, spreading its wings not twenty feet above our heads, before soaring away along the shoreline…. Are you leaving the space in your days to notice the magic moments that unfold unheeded around you?

What if you lived your life and lead your business by designing for moments that matter? Moments that inspire? Moments that connect?

Perhaps creating generous, intelligent moments is the trick to finding the presence we all crave. When was the last magic moment for you? What will be the next magic moment you create?

And what is ripe now—in this moment?

Be well,

Be love,


Mike Rowlands is President & CEO of Junxion. He works to bring intelligence, insight and impact to our clients, one moment at a time. Reach him via [email protected].

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  1. Amie Wolf

    I appreciate the idea of creating generous, intelligent moments as a way to find the presence we all crave. Also, isn’t it necessary to take a break from work in order to see all the pieces of our business puzzle? So true. Really enjoy your blogs, Mike. Very relatable, applicable, and well written – a pleasure to read. Thank you!

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