Intern Experience: Josie Wakefield

Sometime around the age of 16, British school kids are presented with an opportunity to gain work experience in roles and subject areas that pique their interest. This can be difficult for some—first to identify those areas and interests, and then to push themselves beyond their immediate circle to make new connections that can provide them with valuable work experience.

Recenly, Junxion’s London team was fortunate to host Josie Wakefield, an extremely bright and wonderfully pleasant young woman, for her work experience. Having found us through Jane Boswell, a current member of the Junxion team, Josie identified sustainability consulting as a potential career that marries her interests in science and arts. We selected a variety of different tasks to show Josie how this intersection of interests could really come to light.

In Josie’s words….


Adam Garfunkel, Josie Wakefield and Shayla Meyer

Junxion was a great place to gain work experience. I learnt so much, not only about the work at Junxion, but communications, office life and conferences too. I saw many sides of Junxion’s work, from planning a strategy project to building communications databases and reporting. The Junxion team were so welcoming; Adam, Jane, Shayla and Andrea were open to my input and made me feel part of the team for the week!

I saw aspects of office life that were new to me, from commuting into London to team meetings, to the reporting conference Adam, Shayla and I attended. These were  new and valuable experiences. The Reporting Conference was helpful for me to develop networking skills for the future, as well as being in the professional conference atmosphere. I was also given the task of asking attendees’ feedback; this built my confidence, encouraged me to engage with others, understand the many purposes for the conference and give the conference leader feedback.

“I developed networking skills, built my confidence, and worked on real projects.”

While in the Junxion office we worked on an Islington Refugee Centre project, aiming to improve the chances of employment for users of the centre. We looked at first hand sources of positives and negatives of the centre, and used this to begin to shape a plan for the future. It interested me to see this project taking place and how the team applied their strategy to the project to make it sustainable.

I would like to thank the Junxion team for making my time with them valuable, educational and enjoyable. I certainly learnt a lot in the variety of tasks I took part in, and I hope I was a help to the team during the week.

Many Thanks,
Josie Wakefield

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