Your Perspective on Social Impact Leadership

At Junxion, in our international work with socially responsible businesses, NGOs and governments, we’re beginning to see the early signs of changes to the face of leadership.

It’s more than a focus on innovation, or the acceptance that businesses have a role to play in solving social problems. It’s a shift in mindset—in the way successful leaders think about, face, and engage with problems. The archetype of the lone, heroic leader is shifting toward more engagement and cooperation, and as leaders in both the non-profit and for-profit worlds commit to doing their part on major challenges such as climate change and social equity, they’re seeking allies outside their organizations. So sector collaborations are increasingly common.

We’re interested for your perspective on this new era of leadership.

We’re considering launching a new service that will equip leaders with vital skills and perspectives on finding solutions to complex problems. Coalition building across organizational boundaries. Critical thinking and strategic visioning toward systemic change. And of course the ability to build strong teams aligned around shared values, and focused on a clear and compelling purpose.

So we’re inviting you to complete this short survey, so we can learn more about your perspective and interests on ‘leadership.’ How do you define it? What elements are most important? And what are the most important skills for social impact leaders to learn?

Will you give us a few minutes of your time, and complete the survey here:

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