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May, 25, 2023  |  

Meet Nicaury Batista

We’re pleased to welcome our newest Junxionite, Nicaury Batista. 

Nicaury is a project management professional with extensive knowledge and experience in managing small and large-scale projects in both the corporate and non-profit sectors such as education, healthcare, technology, and settlement services.

What inspired you to join Junxion? 

Nicaury: Junxion aligns with my values and desires to make my community a better place to live in. I studied Business Management because I believe that businesses can and must contribute to our society. It is possible to create businesses, institutions, and organizations that can help solve common problems, fostering human rights and protecting the environment. But with years I discovered that we cannot fully have a positive impact if we don’t have a clear purpose. Everything starts with it and at Junxion I can help others to make a difference, to follow their purpose.

If you could solve one societal challenge overnight, which would it be?

Nicaury: Environmental and climate issues, poverty, hunger, discrimination, injustice, lack of access to good health, irresponsible consumption, and production. All of these social challenges are important, but I believe that access to quality education is one of the most important components in addressing social problems. It is freedom and peace. Education forms the groundwork of any society and helps us to build opinions and develop different perspectives to looking at life. It gives people the tools and confidence to fight for their rights and to create policies that help our communities and the planet. 

Which people have influenced your journey into impact? 

Nicaury: There are so many people that come to my mind! I will pick two and give the third spot to all the people that inspire me every day.  My top two are my Mom and Dad. I think that most of my family would agree when I say that my parents have always been a couple of stubborn that are constantly helping others. Their compassion and resilience have been embedded into the person that I am today. (Ok, I must admit that little bit of stubbornness too).

What are you reading or listening to right now? 

Nicaury: I’m listening to the book “Grow the Pie” by Alex Edmans, which explains how to embed purpose into practice, a reminder that purpose-driven businesses can serve society and contribute to human betterment without sacrificing profit. I’m also re-reading the book “No Ordinary Moments” by Dan Millman, a guide that shares different ways to turn our intentions into action, our challenges into strength, and our life experiences into wisdom.

What’s one piece of advice you would offer to aspiring purpose leaders and change-makers?

Nicaury: The change starts from within just make sure to stop and appreciate the journey. Serving by example, inspiring and helping others, and sharing your knowledge don’t mean anything if you don’t take care of yourself first. 

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