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Marketing Manager Vacancy

Do you have what it takes to facilitate our growth several-fold and help establish Junxion as the world leader on social impact strategy? Is that a resounding “Yes!” we hear? Then you’d best read on!

About Junxion Strategy

For over 20 years, Junxion Strategy has steadily built a global portfolio of clients that include some of the world’s most courageous and generative brands. We’re thoughtful advisors to audacious leaders and we guide them to bold, inspiring, effective action.

Our client base is broad. It includes large non-profits, SMEs, larger corporates including multinationals, some sector-wide bodies and global NGOs. We have a strong track record in several sectors and currently focus in social purpose business, social services, and social finance.

The Role

We are looking for someone to facilitate our growth several-fold and help establish Junxion as the world leader on social impact strategy. This is a significant career-building opportunity for a creative and self-directed marketing visionary to make a real impact in the social purpose business space by leading the development of marketing strategy and systems for our small yet established consultancy at an inflection point, and the leading organizations and brands that we serve.

With Junxion currently at eight staff and a number of regular associates, this role demands a ‘roll your sleeves up’ doer not a ‘stand-back and issue instructions’ director.

Junxion is based in Canada and the UK. This role is designed to support both markets (and beyond Canada into the US, and beyond the UK into Europe).

As well as welcoming applications from individuals interested in serving both markets in a full-time capacity, we will also consider applications from individuals keen to serve one of our two home markets, part-time, three days a week. In that scenario, we would look to make two separate hires and the two individuals would work closely together in a job-share, each with a market-specific focus.

Your Internal-to-Junxion Responsibilities (75-80%):

Lead development of strategy for thought leadership and content marketing.

Plan special publications, including our annual Impact Report and at least one annual thought leadership paper, each supported by a social marketing campaign.

Plan and co-design presentations and workshops (series) to attract new leads and prospects.

Lead plans’ implementation including, for example:

  • Manage and oversee publication/topic schedules.
  • Edit blog and website content ensuring our content is optimized for both human-centred experience and search engines.
  • Manage partnership/content sharing for stronger backlinks.
  • Oversee development of new and novel content e.g. podcasts, live sessions, videos, surveys, quizzes.

Lead prospecting / list research and new lead development including, for example:

  • Use client and project data and market trends to identify prospects/market segments to pursue.
  • Support relationship-driven lead generation.
  • Develop and implement systems for efficient lead qualification.

Contribute to new product development, including…

  • Use market trends to contribute to developing new products and services.
  • Use client feedback and project data to refine existing products and services.

Manage sales pipeline in CRM (Zoho) including, for example:

  • Analyze and report on leads generated and converted to support optimizing ROI for all stages of marketing and sales.
  • Develop and manage automated processes (e.g. ‘drip campaign’) responses for pipelines.
  • Develop and manage rules/process for delegating leads to sales team for follow-up.

Lead website development and maintenance schedule, continually optimizing for technical and lead conversion performance:

  • Direct and manage work by contracted web developers on website enhancements.
  • Lead and implement development and optimization of website content, landing pages, lead capture forms, etc.

Your Junxion Client Consulting Responsibilities (20-25%):

With direction from a Project Manager or Account Manager, support Junxion clients who are planning or undertaking sales and marketing strategy or implementation tasks comparable to the list above and through…

  • Auditing their existing systems and processes for sales and marketing.
  • Auditing the quality and reach of their sales and marketing materials, and those of relevant competitors.
  • Developing or advising on sales and marketing strategy, such as the choice of tools and platforms, content and design of websites and campaigns.
  • Developing or advising on the development of requirements and specifications for client websites or other marketing tools or platforms.

Desired Qualities, Skills and Experience

Alignment with Junxion’s organizational values, as evidenced by a track record of engagement in community and on issues of social impact and importance. Junxion’s values are…

  • Generous: We cultivate value by ‘showing up’ supportively and empathetically, ‘seeking first to understand,’ and focusing on relationships, more than transactions.
  • Courageous: We demonstrate leadership by asking the tough questions, making the hard decisions, and speaking truth to power.
  • Curiosity: We are a learning organization. We immerse ourselves in our clients’ work, seeking first to understand. And we embrace new ideas, models, and frameworks if they will enhance our impact.
  • Fun: There’s always space for humour. Work’s more fun if we don’t take ourselves too seriously!

Demonstrable self-awareness of your own progress on a learning journey around dismantling oppressive and unjust social and economic structures is very important, as are good ‘emotional intelligence’ and compassion in general.

Familiarity with principles of “social purpose business” and well-being economics is helpful, as is some familiarity with the market for sustainability and strategy consulting services in Canada, the US and Europe. Prior consulting experience is an asset but not required.

Experience with services marketing strategy development and implementation, and the confidence to lead this work for Junxion, is essential.

We want someone who will learn about our work and advise us on how to do our marketing and sales implementation really well—not someone who will need us to tell them what to do at each step. This implies someone tech-savvy who can work in a fairly autonomous, self-directed way, with strong leadership, project management, personal time management, and prioritization skills. Junxion uses Zoho CRM / Zoho 1 and G Suite for Business, so familiarity with these tools is an asset.

Location of Work

We anticipate that all Junxion employees will continue to work remotely, and that virtual meetings will remain the norm, through the rest of 2021 and into 2022. Applications are encouraged from all candidates that can serve at least three hours of the standard workday (9 am – 5 pm) in both Pacific Time and Greenwich Mean Time (Vancouver and London).

This likely implies someone based geographically between Junxion’s two main offices in Vancouver, Canada and London, UK. Or if an applicant is interested in the part-time role serving one market only, for the UK role, they would be expected to be in GMT and for the Canada role, in a North American time zone.

Remuneration and Benefits

Hiring range GBP 35k-40k / CAD 55k-65k (part-time pro rata). Significant salary increases possible based on performance. Junxion offers profit-sharing to all employees, 4 weeks paid vacation to start in the UK (3 in the Canada, plus a week in December), health & dental benefits, and flexible work schedules/arrangements.

Diversity and Inclusion

Junxion is committed to building a team that represents different backgrounds and perspectives. It fosters our personal growth and helps us better meet the needs of our clients and communities. We want to ensure every applicant is treated fairly and with respect regarding race, national or ethnic origin, colour, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, family status or disability. We strip resumés of personal details to help us evaluate candidates on their skills and experience.

How to Apply

To apply, please submit a two-page cover letter describing why you’re interested in this role, along with an overview of the life, education, and work experiences you believe position you to succeed in the role. This can be addressed to [email protected].

This position will remain open until we find the right candidate or candidates.