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Sustainability Strategy

Every business has to think about its impacts on society and the environment.

With evidence that our climate is already changing and dire warnings about how we humans are adversely affecting the planet, now is the time to act. And it’s not only environmental issues that merit attention. Sustainability is also about people: tackling growing inequalities in wealth, being inclusive and creating sustainable cities and communities.

Whether you call it ESG (environmental, social and governance), CSR or sustainability, your organization needs a plan for how it will be a better business. Better for people and planet. 

Addressing your stakeholders’ concerns. Ensuring your plans are aligned with global expectations and norms (science-based targets). Getting enthusiastic buy-in from across the organization, including – critically – from leaders.

Junxion has 20+ years of experience in helping companies bring all these elements together in sustainability and ESG strategies that deliver results. We marry deep knowledge in the field with our skills as consultants and facilitators. The process is engaging and the results are enduring.

Make sure your business is future-fit and contributing to the solutions the world needs. There’s no time to waste.

We’re happy we chose Junxion for this work. [They] really ‘got us’, and their collaborative approach meant everyone felt validated and heard. Now that we have a clear ESG strategy linked to the UN SDGs, we’re ready for the next level – targets and metrics to measure impact.