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May, 28, 2024  |    |    |  

Impact Stories with SEE Change Magazine

We co-hosted three podcast episodes with SEE Change Magazine to explore the journey to becoming an impact-driven organization. Check them out below! 

Charlie Southwood
is Junxion's Marketing Manager. He's passionate about the role brands play in creating a better future.

What does it take to be a truly purpose-driven company? How important are certifications like B Corp for objectively assessing social and environmental impact? How can your organization set up its governance, culture and strategy to align with what the world needs? 

We recently co-produced a series with the social impact title SEE Change Magazine to delve into the challenges and rewards that come when you steer your company towards positive impact. 

How to Measure Purpose with Coast Capital Savings

We hear so much about social purpose these days, but what is it exactly? Why is defining one so important for organizations? And how do you measure it to ensure you’re on the right purposeful track?

Coast Capital Savings is a credit union and has a long-standing commitment to create a positive impact on its employees, members, and communities. In this conversation, we first define “social purpose”, then explore with Maureen Young, VP of Social Purpose at Coast Capital why it decided to define its purpose and embark on an intricate process to adopt a Purpose Measurement Framework. 

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The B Corp Journey with Crown Agents Bank

For any mission-driven company, becoming a B Corp can further solidify a commitment to ethical and sustainable business practices. For UK-based Crown Agents Bank, a leading provider of FX and payments in frontier and emerging markets, certifying as a B Corp was also a highly rewarding, albeit complex, milestone.

In this episode, we explore all things B Corps with Charlie Bronks, Head of ESG at Crown Agents Bank. We discuss what motivated the company to pursue B Corp certification and the process it underwent to achieve it. We examine the challenges along the B Corp journey, the benefits of certification and then offer advice for others looking to become a B Corp themselves.

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Grand Vision to Meaningful Action with the Canadian Museum for Human Rights

When the Canadian Museum for Human Rights decided to measure its impact, the journey the team ended up taking went much deeper. From building a theory of change to undergoing a strategic planning process, the road travelled was comprehensive and challenging. But, as CEO Isha Khan says, it was well worth it.

What is a Theory of Change and why was that the starting point? How did the strategic planning process unfold? What frustrations did they encounter? And what takeaways could every business, big or small, learn to use on their own purposeful journey? Take a listen to find out! Featuring Mike Rowlands and Charla Vall from Junxion and Isha Khan from the Canadian Museum for Human Rights.

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