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Informing and Inspiring the Global Sporting Goods Industry

We researched and produced 13 position papers and accompanying webinars to inform members on corporate responsibility issues, while also setting out the industry’s position for each.

Over the past year, we’ve worked with the luminaries of the sporting goods industry to set new standards for corporate responsibility on 13 different impact areas, including working hours for people in operations around the world, climate change mitigation and adaptation, and management of chemicals in garment and equipment manufacturing.

Junxion researched, wrote, produced and delivered position papers and informative webinars, setting a new baseline of expectations in corporate responsibility for the Federation’s members. Each paper uses a sporting metaphor, ensuring data-driven best practices are conveyed through inspiring and engaging stories of success.

The Federation aims to use the power of sport to change the world.

“As the body representing the global sporting goods industry, we are committed to supporting our members to meet high standards of performance in their day-to day operations and to ‘raise the floor’ across our diverse membership. ”

– Frank HenkeChairman of the WFSGI CR Committee and SVP Social & Environmental Affairs, adidas
Every client and project is unique
Benefit from our years of experience supporting a wide variety of organizations and sectors. No task is too big or too complex for our team.