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Developing Sustainability Strategy with a Parking Specialist

A sustainability strategy and a roadmap for action that is aligned to Saba UK’s strategic objectives and is grounded in ambitious, science-aligned targets.

Saba UK specialises in developing and managing car parking solutions for a range of sectors including NHS trusts, universities and Local Authorities.

Saba UK wants to be a sustainability leader in its sector by taking responsibility for the impact it has on people and the planet. Junxion was brought in to provide Saba UK with a sustainability strategy that is robust and aligned to the science and will set them apart from its competitors. Informed by a thorough materiality assessment including the views of internal and external stakeholders, Junxion delivered a comprehensive strategy with ambitious targets. 

The Challenge 

Saba UK engaged Junxion to support the development of a comprehensive sustainability strategy addressing their material social and environmental impacts. There is an increasing demand for companies to evidence they are taking responsibility for their environmental and social impacts. 

Saba UK needed Junxion’s support to enable them to seize the market opportunity to be a sustainability leader and also to better align with their European head office, for whom there are more extensive regulatory requirements for sustainability. 

Saba UK was already taking action in small pockets of the business, aware that addressing sustainability is the right thing to do. However, they needed help in taking comprehensive action to address all of their material impacts, and aligning it with their overall business strategy. 

How We Helped 

Firstly, Junxion took time to understand Saba UK’s operations and impacts as well as the wider industry landscape. Then, taking these learnings into account, Junxion conducted a thorough materiality assessment engaging with both internal and external stakeholders to define Saba UK’s most significant social and environmental impacts. 

Subsequently, a comprehensive sustainability strategy was co-developed that aligned with wider business objectives, addressed all the material issues, and included ambitious goals for action that were aligned with the science. Junxion used this strategy to then develop a ‘Roadmap to Action’, with 2022, 2025 and 2030 targets for action agreed by Saba UK to guide them to achieving their goals. Saba UK was therefore able to confidently assure both current and prospective clients that they are taking responsibility for their impact. 

Measuring Success 

Junxion produced a comprehensive sustainability strategy addressing Saba UK’s material social and environmental impacts. The strategy ensures current and future business performance and resilience, helping Saba UK to be relevant and successful. 

Throughout this project, Junxion was also able to educate employees at Saba UK and ensure a collective understanding of sustainability as a concept that covers social as well as environmental factors. This strategy is only the beginning of Saba UK’s sustainability journey and Junxion is pleased to be continuing to work with them as they turn this strategy into tangible action throughout the organisation. 

Working with Junxion was really insightful, they broadened our collective understanding of sustainability, including how the concept relates to people, not just the environment. Junxion’s approach was very supportive, they checked in with us frequently to keep the work moving along. Our team is constantly busy, and we found Junxion’s professional project management really helpful to keep momentum.

– Leeann SkillingHR Director, Saba UK
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