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Delivering Data Protection, Privacy and Dignity 

Using B Corp expertise to help HewardMills demonstrate its unique positive impact on companies globally and gain certification.

HewardMills is a global data protection consultancy that provides expert support to enable its clients to meet the highest standards of data protection and privacy.

They strive to champion diversity and drive the industry forwards towards providing data dignity alongside privacy and protection. To demonstrate their commitment to running a purposeful business, HewardMills sought to become B Corp certified, joining a community of changemakers using business as a force for good. 

The Challenge

HewardMills are working to solve an emerging and underappreciated problem: data privacy and protection laws vary greatly from country to country. HewardMills supports all its clients to align with best practices even when the legislation in the country of operations is nascent or nonexistent. Their blend of advisory and education work in an emerging field meant it was not straightforward to capture HewardMills’ impact in the B impact assessment (BIA).

How We Helped

Junxion was engaged to support HewardMills in certifying as a B Corp. In the first instance, we helped HewardMills to calculate its baseline score. From there, we workshopped where HewardMills could make improvements to its operations that were of most value to the business. The BIA scores companies on the impact of their operations and their ‘impact business model’ (IBM), or how the business is designed to have a specific positive outcome for a group of stakeholders. Junxion used our in-depth knowledge of the assessment to help HewardMills capture its particular impact within IBMs in the assessment and produce the robust evidence required to successfully navigate the verification process.

Measuring Success

Hard work on both sides led HewardMills to certify with a commendable score of 104.5. Notably, they earned 33.5 points in the Customers pillar due to successfully gaining two IBMs, Serving in Need Populations and Education. HewardMills is an example of the kind of business we need more of in the B Corp community; they harness the diversity of their team to provide vital services to underserved communities worldwide. We’re pleased to have played a part in getting HewardMills certified, in time for them to join us at the event to celebrate 1,000 B Corps in the UK!

Our experience working with Junxion was great. They were always very flexible and responded to all our needs in a supportive way. Nothing was too much for them to handle and they gave us a lot of encouragement through the long verification process.

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