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Empowering BC Cancer Foundation

Using our TurningPoint approach, we helped BC Cancer Care to create an inspirational five-year vision and strategic plan.

The BC Cancer Foundation raises funds to ensure leading-edge cancer research and patient care in British Columbia. They engaged Junxion to guide them through the process of defining a new strategic plan to grow fundraising capacity and improve outcomes for patients in BC and around the world.

The Challenge

Already one of the most recognized fundraising organizations in the province, the BC Cancer Foundation reliably raises over $50 million annually for cancer research and enhancements to care. However, new CEOs at BC Cancer (which conducts research and leads patient care) and the Foundation (which raises funds from the public) recognized that the strategic priorities of BC Cancer and the need for capital investment would require the Foundation to push past this laudable plateau. Their core question: How can we inspire new levels of giving to BC Cancer?

How We Helped

Junxion was engaged to guide the Board and leadership team at the BC Cancer Foundation in the process of developing their strategic plan. Using our TurningPoint Strategy approach, Junxion conducted a series of focus groups and interviews with staff, board members and diverse donors. This initial data gathering, coupled with philanthropy sector research, enabled Junxion to surface key opportunities and challenges for the Foundation team to consider as they contemplated their goals. Junxion then facilitated two half-day workshops with BC Cancer Foundation’s board and leadership team to define a 5-year vision. The first workshop focused on aspirations for the future and the qualities of a high-performing team that could deliver on them. The second workshop focused on identifying the key capabilities, skills and actions that would be required to reach these goals.

Junxion then translated the workshop outcomes into a draft strategic plan focused on three overarching priorities and the development of fi ve areas of capability that will drive the priorities forward. Once the plan was reviewed with the leadership team, Junxion conducted a final one-day workshop with the Board and leadership team to further refine and finalize the plan. The result was a ten-page, actionable strategic plan that was well understood and had the enthusiastic buy-in of BC Cancer Foundation’s board and leadership

Measuring Success

With Junxion’s guidance, BC Cancer Foundation created an inspirational 5-year vision and strategic plan. The process itself was a team-building opportunity that resulted in stronger and more aligned leadership—including across management and the Foundation’s board. The plan provides a clear direction to align fundraising activities across BC Cancer, expanding reach in order to accelerate advances in patient care.

Junxion’s strategic planning approach is not your typical process; it’s creative, engaging and most importantly, effective. What stands out is their mantra to focus on the business not in the business, their deep understanding of our sector–the challenges and opportunities, and a genuine commitment to our promise of improving cancer outcomes. The result, we have a strong and fluid plan that will help drive BC Cancer to new heights of success.

– Sarah RothCEO, BC Cancer Foundation
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