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Capturing Impact with B Corp

B Corp certification helped Artfinder measure its impact, recruit and retain values-aligned staff, and learn more about the positive difference it makes to its community of artists.

Artist peeking through the hole in their paint palette

Artfinder is an art marketplace that connects art lovers with artists around the world. Its aim is to make original art accessible and affordable, while also making it a viable career for independent artists. 

Artfinder wanted to become a B Corporation and join the community of purposeful businesses. They asked for Junxion’s support to certify. During the process, we helped them understand how they could use the B Corp assessment to better measure their impact, align staff around a shared set of values, and promote deeper engagement with their community of artists.

The Challenge

Artfinder always had a clear mission: to make art accessible, affordable and a viable career for artists. Nonetheless, as a tech-based trading business, it was easy to pigeonhole Artfinder as another IT start-up and overlook the larger impact story. 

As a distinctive element of the proposition, the leaders of the business saw overcoming this challenge as vital to the company’s growth and success.  They recognized that joining the B Corp community would help demonstrate the positive difference that Artfinder makes for artists and art lovers and also embed them in a community of purposeful businesses.

Joining the B Corp community helps demonstrate the positive difference Artfinder makes for artists and art lovers.

How We Helped

Junxion guided Artfinder through the B Corp assessment to successful certification and advised on how they could survey artists to capture more impact data. Following some growth at Artinder, Junxion facilitated a workshop to ensure all staff were up to speed on the B Corp model, deepening understanding and embedding B Corp thinking into day-to-day operations. 

As the three years since Artfinder’s original certification draws to a close, Junxion is supporting the company to complete the detailed assessment questionnaire that underpins the recertification process and achieve its ambition of increasing its impact score.

Measuring Success

Junxion helped Artfinder successfully certify as a B Corp. Their B Corp status supported their very successful fundraising and also helps them to attract and retain staff committed to making a positive difference. 

As the company had grown significantly in the intervening 18 months since certification, our workshop served to train this new cohort in what B Corp means.

It also showed staff how they could use the B Corp framework to set goals and improve their positive impact. This led to the creation of a group of internal champions to advance the work.

It was crucial to engage Junxion to help us understand our impact and cement our values throughout the certification process.

– Michal SczcesnyCEO, Artfinder
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