Alliance India | Rebranding a Successful NGO to Drive Even More Impact

Alliance India supports community action to prevent HIV infection, meet the challenges of AIDS, and build healthier communities.



Originally established as a country office of the International HIV/AIDS Alliance and now fully an Indian NGO under the leadership of Executive Director James Robertson and his staff, India HIV/AIDS Alliance has grown significantly – dramatically expanding its programmes and associated impacts. To support its continued success and propel its work, the organisation needed to articulate a renewed strategic plan, brand identity and various communication tools.



Junxion began working with Alliance India in mid-2013 on a comprehensive strategic planning and TrustBrandTM development process.

We started with a review of the organisation’s existing plans and documents and assessed similar organisations in their sector locally and abroad. This work then culminated in an Insights Presentation in which we shared our working impressions from the research outlined above.

We built on the insights uncovered during the discovery phase by facilitating a strategic planning process to ensure a clear articulation of their theory of change, a strategic framework and key implementation priorities. This work then fed into the preparation of a TrustBrand Manifesto, a proprietary Junxion document that outlined a new value proposition, positioning strategy, tagline and organisational narrative.

In the final phase, our attention turned to preparing a graphic identity that clearly distinguishes Alliance India, and builds on its core message. We then applied that identity to a range of materials, including communications materials and, most importantly a new website that more effectively presents the organisation’s contribution to amplifying community voices to shape and propel the response to HIV/AIDS in India – from the grassroots to the international stage.


Alliance India is now guided by a renewed and relevant strategic plan, providing employees and stakeholders with a clear and focused path forward for future growth and success. The organisation has received strong accolades from stakeholders, including funders and implementing partners, for its powerful, new brand. With clear navigation, strong graphics and more interactive content, the website is now better able to ensure that Alliance India can fulfill its mission.

Services: Strategic planning, positioning, branding, outreach and engagement, graphic design, messaging, social media strategy, web strategy, web development, fundraising

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