Adam Garfunkel


An experienced consultant and writer, Adam has spent over a quarter of a century helping organisations plan and deliver effective strategies and communications to further social and environmental goals.

Based in London and working on projects internationally, Adam is MD of the London office, focused on sustainability planning and communications, as well as enterprise value and business strategy. Adam specialises in helping companies find an authentic and compelling expression of the links between their business strategy and wider social impact.

His international experience includes clients and projects in North America, the Far East, Europe and UK. Before Junxion, Adam ran his own consulting practice for 10 years. Before becoming a consultant, Adam was a pollution campaigner for Friends of the Earth England, Wales, and Northern Ireland and a fundraiser for Greenpeace.


  • FRSA

    Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts is an award granted to individuals that the Royal Society of Arts (RSA) judges to have made outstanding achievements to social progress and development

  • MSc

    MSc in Public Understanding of Environmental Change, UCL

  • B Corp Ambassador

    Invited to be one of the country’s first B Corp Ambassadors to advocate for the B Corp movement in the UK

  • B Lab UK Standards Advisory Council Member

    Sits on the working group advising on the next version of the B Corp Standards

  • B Leader

    Trained by B Lab to take companies through the B Impact Assessment to certify as a B Corp

  • r3.0 Advocation Partner

    An advocation partner of r3.0, the not-for-profit platform that crowdsources the transformations necessary to achieve a thriving, regenerative and distributive economy and society

  • Jacksons Lane Trustee

    Twelve years’ service as trustee of this successful London arts centre

  • Chair of school governors

    Served for three years as Chair, and seven years as a governor at one of the UK’s best performing state primary schools

Adam’s Latest Tweets

Here‘s what @adamgarfunkel1, CEO of @junxion said after reviwing @aheadahead1‘s just released book.

Here‘s what @adamgarfunkel1, CEO of @junxion said after reviwing @aheadahead1‘s just released book.
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Ralph Thurm @aheadahead1
'The Corona Chronicles - Envisioning a New Normal for Regeneration and Thriving' is available since April 30. I have asked 25 of the best in sustainability & regeneration to pre-read and respond to what they got. Here's what Adam Garfunkel, CEO of Junxion, has to say.