Know Your Purpose

Know Your Purpose: Can you say what matters?

“What is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” How will the world be made better by your work? What is important, and not merely urgent? These aren’t questions that get answered only by ‘big data’ or complicated spreadsheets. They’re at the heart of ‘a good life.’ They speak to meaning. And purpose.

That’s why our approach to planning begins by articulating a purpose beyond profit—a grand vision for your work and your legacy.

Knowing what you value is fundamental to strategy, branding, and talent retention.

People need to know what they’re working towards and to feel empowered to make their own unique contribution. Rather than being some lofty aspiration disconnected from operations, purpose must connect and inspire diverse people across the whole organization: staff, management and leadership, and external stakeholders including customers, investors, even suppliers.

Purpose underpins planning and branding, binding them together with authenticity.

Consider this: On its own, strategy is an academic exercise: interesting, but inert. Similarly, on its own, branding is storytelling: fun, but often frivolous. Align them toward a clear purpose, and you’ve set the foundation for a meaningful organization.

Case Study: Social Venture Circle

After over three decades of independent operations, in 2018 the influential Social Venture Network (SVN) and Investors’ Circle (IC) merged, committing to set a new norm of inclusiveness and collaboration among investors, entrepreneurs, donors, policy makers and thought leaders. Alongside our colleagues at Guru Media, Junxion refocused and repositioned the merged organization. Read More….

Case Study: Nordea Financial Group

Nordea is the Nordic region’s largest bank with over 10 million customers. They hold leading positions in corporate, institutional, private, and retail banking, and are also the leading provider of life and pensions products in the Nordic countries—in short, they play a significant role in the business and private lives of Nordic citizens. So when they launched an ambitious sustainability strategy, the market took note. Read More….