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A Sustainability Strategy for One of the World’s Largest Energy Shipping Companies

We helped TeeKay articulate a clear vision of success through vision and mission then developed its first-ever sustainability strategy.

With more than 6,000 employees from 35 countries, Teekay is an essential marine link in the global energy supply chain. Headquartered in Vancouver, Canada. Teekay operates in 17 countries around the world, including Norway, the United States, Singapore, the Philippines, and India. 

The Challenge

With a major global footprint, Teekay had nonetheless developed an enviable reputation for its safety and environmental practices. Their challenge was to further embed sustainability and align operations with best practices, not only to meet stakeholder expectations but to ensure the enterprise was building significant business value from its efforts.

How We Helped

To guide the organisation in the next phase of its growth, Junxion supported the development of a renewed enterprise-wide vision and mission. Sustainability is incorporated as one of the refined core values in that new governance suite. To propel these sustainability ambitions and inform its first-ever sustainability strategy, Junxion led an inaugural stakeholder mapping and materiality exercise. Teekay used the results of the materiality to engage those stakeholders around its strategy and inaugural sustainability report.

Measuring Success

As a result of the work, sustainability is now firmly embedded in the company’s strategy and goals. Teekay is further engaging Junxion to develop and strengthen its sustainability reporting. The stakeholder engagement process has generated goodwill and affinity with a variety of stakeholders, adding to Teekay’s enviable reputation.

Junxion is the first company I think of when I need a smart, objective perspective and visual/communication support on strategic document and program development. They provide dynamic support in synthesizing and distilling critical strategies and helping us present them to our employees and customers in a visual, concise and understandable way.”

– Lois NahirneyExecutive Vice President, Corporate Resources, TEEKAY CORPORATION
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