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Defining a Bold New Strategy for the Next Generation

Merging two legendary organizations in service of the new economy

After over three decades of independent operations, in 2018 the influential Social Venture Network (SVN) and Investors’ Circle (IC) merged, committing to set a new norm of inclusiveness and collaboration among investors, entrepreneurs, donors, policy makers and thought leaders.

When SVN and IC were founded, the fields of social purpose business and impact investing were just emerging. Today, over three decades later, the two organizations have supported thousands of ventures and incubated dozens of new networks and organizations. Their merger was an opportunity to inspire the combined membership with a vision that will propel the next generation of change makers.

How We Helped

Junxion worked with the Board of Directors and leadership at the newly combined organization to define a bold new strategy, setting the direction of the combined organization—which we renamed Social Venture Circle—for the next generation. We co-designed the project approach with our colleagues at Guru Media and long-time IC member Shannon Mudd.

We identified a gap in the market—serving the individual people who are dedicated to this global movement toward social and environmental responsibility in business. SVC exists to lead the way for investors, entrepreneurs, and all those who support social purpose ventures, deploying capital and building networks.

Junxion is a proud member of SVC and was honoured to
collaborate on its rebrand.

Measuring Success

‘Bridging Profit & Purpose’ sold out as the first combined conference of Social Venture Circle. Speaking during the opening plenary on the main stage in Brooklyn, SVC’s new Executive Director, Valerie Red-Horse Mohl, unveiled the new name and identity to a standing ovation. It’s early days for the newly merged organization, but signs are clear a new energy is emerging—in pursuit of a global economy that is regenerative, just, and prosperous for everyone.

We are very excited about the process, the work of our amazing branding team, and the final result.

– Valerie Red-Horse MohlExecutive Director, Social Venture Circle