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Articulating Purpose and Increasing Impact

Helping a business services company make more of a difference as a certified B Corp.

REDBOX Group has been offering interiors, office supplies and print solutions to its customers for over 30 years. The 35-person, London-based company’s values of ‘listen, care and deliver’ are at the heart of its approach to business.

The Challenge

REDBOX had always had a strong sense of social responsibility, actively contributing to local charities and being a responsible employer. Based on a growing awareness that the products they choose, package and transport to clients have an environmental impact, and the knowledge that existing and potential clients were now placing more demands on their suppliers to be socially and environmentally responsible, REDBOX launched a line of more environmentally friendly products. Nonetheless, the REDBOX team felt they had not articulated the story that reflected their values and purpose as a business, and they wanted to back up their positive words and good intentions with more evidence of their positive impact. They were keen to make more of a difference.

How We Helped

In partnership with Ethical Goods Ltd., we designed and hosted a workshop that showcased the actions of a number of purpose-led businesses from around the world. Then the whole REDBOX team was involved in suggesting and finalising purpose statements for the business.

We then moved on to helping REDBOX more effectively capture the impact it has through the B Corp Impact Assessment. The process started with a full analysis of the company’s operations and establishment of REDBOX’s baseline score. From there we created an action plan of improvement and worked with REDBOX to complete all the actions, ultimately enabling them to reach the demanding 80-point threshold needed to certify on the assessment. Following this, we advised on the required legal changes and finally, supported the business through the verification stage.

Measuring Success

By becoming clear about its purpose and through the process of certifying as a B Corp, REDBOX has found a way to bring its team even closer together and to increase its positive impact. Genuinely keen to help the less fortunate in society and inspired by the suggestion in the B Impact Assessment, the company made a formal commitment to donate at least 20% of profits each year to charity. The process has helped REDBOX improve the market position

of its sustainable products and services and has been instrumental in securing new clients. Becoming a Certified B Corporation has given REDBOX a framework to bring to life all elements of its purpose and to more effectively ‘care about you, the environment and their people’.

At REDBOX, we’ve historically struggled to convey how passionate and caring our business is. Junxion helped us articulate and share our ethically good story and to model a new culture of philanthropy while also helping us to gain a greater market position for our sustainable products and services. This work culminated in becoming certified as a B Corporation. I would highly recommend the team at Junxion if your company needs help in using its business as a force for good.

– Matthew LetleyManaging Director, REDBOX Group
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