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Shaping Pacifica’s Next Decade of Work

Using a collaborative and transparent strategic planning process to deepen team connections and engagement.

A wall mural of a residential street with a row of houses, a sidewalk with pedestrians and a person in a wheelchair and a parked car in front

As the largest housing operator on Vancouver Island, Pacifica provides more than 1,300 units of safe, affordable quality rentals for individuals and families. Its distinct model incorporates ‘Housing First’ and harm reduction philosophies with integrated support services that empower individuals.

The current climate, housing, opioid, and COVID-19 crises especially affect the most vulnerable British Columbians. Sector requirements and stakeholder demands are increasing, and Pacifica needed to take stock and plan how they would mount an effective response.   

Pacifica engaged Junxion to guide them through the process of defining their 10-year vision and developing a five-year strategic plan that focuses on strengthening its position as a trusted, responsive community partner and leader.

The Challenge

Pacifica’s mission is to advance the independence of individuals and families through equitable housing and supportive services. After a period of rapid growth, Pacifica needed to strengthen its operational foundations and rebuild its culture and core competencies in order to embrace a new era of challenges and opportunities.

Committed to leading intentionally with the principles of justice, equity, diversity and inclusion (JEDI), they recognised the importance of engaging their staff fully to help them feel like they have a voice in shaping the direction of the organization. Pacifica engaged Junxion to guide them in their strategic planning.

How We Helped

We designed an inclusive and collaborative approach to ensure that both internal and external voices were heard. We interviewed board members, executives, managers and staff across the organization; and funders, program partners and other community stakeholders. We conducted a staff survey and undertook a comprehensive materials and market review.

This initial data-gathering enabled us to surface key opportunities and challenges for the Pacifica board and leadership team to consider. Those considerations informed the two full-day workshops Junxion designed and facilitated, which were necessarily delivered online.

Together with Pacifica, we translated the insights and information gathered into a strategic plan. This sets out their 10-year vision, and presents the key strategic priorities and capabilities for Pacifica to focus on, develop and enhance in the next five years.

Measuring Success

With Junxion’s support, Pacifica has created an inspirational 10-year vision and 5-year strategic plan. The process itself was an opportunity for collaboration and transparency. Staff at all levels felt engaged and heard, allowing them to contribute meaningfully to Pacifica’s strategic direction. This has already deepened the staff’s connection and commitment to each other and to the organization. Encouraged by the success of the collaborative approach in building the plan, the CEO and executive team have shared the final plan with staff across Pacifica’s offices.

Pacifica now has a strategic plan that enjoys broad support from across the organization. Not only do they have a roadmap for the next decade, but they have also established the shared ownership and culture necessary to deliver it.

Junxion went above and beyond to gain in-depth understanding of our business, sector, and people. They really paid attention to the details that make us who we are and helped us discover where we want to be. Given the requirement that everything be virtual, Junxion did a great job of delivering an experience that felt collaborative, personal and fun!

– Carolina IbarraCEO, Pacifica Housing Advisory Association
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