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Strengthening Canada's Network of Forward-thinking CEOs

Bringing our deep knowledge of the B Impact Assessment to support MacKay CEO Forums through the recertification process.

MacKay CEO Forums exists to populate the world with inspiring leaders. With 1,200+ members worldwide, their peer group programs bring forward-thinking CEOs, executives and business owners together to tackle their toughest challenges through peer learning and support.

MacKay certified as a B Corp in 2018, recognizing a strong alignment with their core values and hoping to lead by example, encouraging responsible business practices as a force for good in the world.

The Challenge

Being a Certified B Corp means committing to continuous improvement. The assessment tool is upgraded every three years and with companies required to recertify on the same three-year cycle, B Corps tend to need to have improved their performance to retain their certification. Several seek to increase their points score to demonstrate the progress they have made. This was true of Mackay CEO Forums, who wanted to ensure their recertification score reflected the several ways they’ve increased their contribution to people and planetary wellbeing since their first certification.

Additionally, the questions in the B Impact Assessment (BIA) are often a square-peg-round-hole situation. The assessment is tailored by size, sector, and geography, but the key to successful certification is having the ability to interpret the assessment for each company.

With our deep knowledge of the BIA and its purpose, Junxion was asked to support Mackay CEO Forums again to meet this ambition to have their greater positive impact captured in the assessment.

How We Helped 

We started by reviewing materials from MacKay’s previous assessment to generate a list of data and information needed this time around. Junxion set up the Business Impact Assessment (BIA), preparing a reference worksheet to track answers and data sources.

Reviewing the assessment questions with the relevant team members was key to ensure that the responses accurately represent MacKay CEO Forums in the BIA, and that all gaps were accurately filled. From there, Junxion worked with MacKay to develop an action plan they could implement to improve their score prior to submission.

Once the BIA had been submitted, Junxion supported MacKay CEO Forums’ BIA through the verification stage, helping to present the evidence to back up the answers given in the assessment.

Measuring Success 

MacKay’s submission for B Corp recertification was successful, earning an overall score of 104.5. This is an impressive step up from their 2018 score of 85.1, and even more impressive given that the median score for ordinary businesses who complete the assessment is 50.9.

Junxion spotted opportunities to gather additional points, specifically increasing MacKay’s Impact Business Model score through evidencing the impact generated by discounting their programs for women and individuals from under-represented groups. The next step is to share Mackay’s story of impact with its members and prospective members to build an even stronger peer network of forward-thinking CEOs in Canada. 

The B Impact Assessment tool is not always an intuitive process to navigate – if you’re not familiar, it takes valuable time to get a handle on it. We really appreciated Junxion’s ability to cut through the noise and zero in on what B Lab was asking for in the impact assessment and verification process and support us in a successful bid to recertify. Pop the champagne! I personally recommend Junxion to all of our members who are considering becoming a Certified B Corp.

– Nancy MacKayCEO and Founder, MacKay CEO Forums
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