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Articulating the Why, Where and How for a Leading Environmental Consultancy

Ambitious yet tangible purpose, vision and mission statements to create collective alignment across all of Green Element Group as it continues to grow.

Green Element Group helps organizations to manage their environmental impacts by developing environmental management systems, calculating their carbon footprint, and setting science-based net-zero targets for improvement.

The Group has been growing rapidly, but without a clearly articulated purpose, vision and mission, there was a risk that the business would lose clarity on its direction. Junxion was brought in to support Green Element Group to define its purpose, vision and mission (its reason for existence, its vision of the future made better by its work, and its specific contributions towards that vision). This informed the development of a transparent client selection process for Green Element to follow to ensure future partners and clients align with their company purpose, values and strategic ambitions.

The Challenge 

Green Element Group is growing rapidly but without a clearly articulated purpose, vision and mission, there was a risk that the business did not have clarity on its direction. These three strategic statements help organizations understand why they exist, where they’re going, and how they’re going to get there. 

These statements are also crucial to determine which clients and partners should be prioritized to work with. With a growing demand for their business, the Group needed a formalised policy to aid them with this selection process. 

Green Element Group were keen to ensure every member of the team was able to contribute to this project. Cognizant of the competing demands on the staff’s time, the project needed a light-touch approach to ensure that any engagements with the team were useful, meaningful and efficient. The process also needed to be equitable and inclusive to ensure every staff member got to share their views regardless of seniority or tenure. 

How We Helped 

Junxion used our knowledge and expertise in strategic planning to inform the co-creation of purpose, vision and mission statements that linked to Green Element Group’s overall business strategy. We ran engaging workshops to collate the ideas and opinions of everyone on the team in an equitable and useful manner.  

As an external third party, Junxion could consider all the ideas without bias, as well as being able to ask questions to challenge and broaden thinking. Junxion did the heavy lifting, engaging the whole team only at key moments and gaining feedback from the senior leadership only when necessary. This ensured the deliverables were fit-for-purpose and did not add unnecessary workload. 

Purpose: to accelerate the just transition to a stable climate 

Mission: to empower organizations to manage their environmental impacts for a just and sustainable world 

Vision: a world where organizations are thriving in harmony with people and planet  

Measuring Success 

Junxion’s work has ensured that Green Element Group has ambitious yet tangible purpose, vision and mission statements that reflect their values. These statements are aligned with the Group’s overall business strategy and can now be embedded across the business.

Junxion went on to support the creation of the first tangible output from Green Element Group’s new purpose, vision and mission. This was a transparent process that set out how new clients and partners would be selected. This process ensures the Group’s clients and partners align with its values and ultimately support the company in fulfilling its purpose. 

Junxion’s approach was nimble, agile and tailored to us. They knew we were very busy and made sure a lot of the hard spadework was done for us. We were very impressed with the process, which was thought-provoking and inclusive. Everyone got a lot out of it and we now have a purpose, vision and mission to be proud of and motivate us.

– Liberty BollenMarketing Manager, Green Element Group
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