Branding. But bigger.

In an era when stakeholders watch businesses with a hawk’s eye focus on their social and environmental behaviour, and when the countless causes of the social sector strain to stand apart, a strong brand is a vital strategic asset.

Key Services:

  • Values Definition
  • Visioning
  • Customer Discovery
  • Value Proposition Definition
  • Positioning Strategy
  • Brand Story Development
  • Logo & Identity Design

Every organization has a ‘brand.’ Some think of it as nothing more than a memorable logo. But effective brands are much more than that. They’re also more than promises, or catchy names, or memorable slogans. They’re the public face of strategy. And yours can play a big part in achieving your mission.

Junxion has spent 20 years developing, testing and refining an approach to brand strategy that’s been used by dozens of organizations on four continents. In fact, we were pioneers of values-driven branding, an approach that took branding out of the hands of marketers, and used it to connect teams and departments to organizational strategy.

TrustBrand™ – The Heart of Junxion’s Approach

A sound strategy without a communications and engagement framework is little more than a thought exercise. And a brand that’s disconnected from strategy is merely creativity for its own sake. At worst, it’s the foundation for green-washing and PR disasters.

We start with purpose, because it’s the glue that binds planning and branding.

You’ll bring your unique expertise in your sector and a commitment to doing more with your momentum. We’ll guide you through our proven TrustBrand approach, helping your define a purpose beyond profits, projects, or programs.

First, we’ll work together to define the positive impact you aim to leave on your community, your team, and your customers.

Next, we’ll use our AVID Brand Architecture System™ to build the communications and engagement framework for your brand. We defined these four pillars nearly 20 years ago, and they’ve stood the test of time through dozens of brand and strategy engagements across cultures and around the world:

Finally, we deliver your TrustBrand Manifesto, including your brand’s positioning strategy and narrative. It’s an enduring, inspirational touchstone that will guide your brand for years to come.

Whether you’re a new social venture, a determined NGO, or an international business, we’ll help lift you to success. Think of it as branding, but bigger.

Case Study: Alliance India

Rebranding a successful NGO to drive even more impact.

Alliance India supports community action to prevent HIV infection, meet the challenges of AIDS, and build healthier communities.

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Case Study: ORS Impact

Moving an Impact Evaluation Firm into a New Era

This evaluation consultancy had earned a national reputation for its outcomes-based planning and evaluation work.

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Case Study: Inn at Laurel Point

A New Brand for a World Class Hotel in Victoria, Canada

Junxion reinvented a fresh identity for the Inn at Laurel Point, positioning them at the heart of a city breaking free of its traditional heritage.

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