Be Accountable

Be Accountable: “Measure What Matters….”

If you lead an organization—a business, a non-profit, or a social enterprise—you’ve almost certainly been asked to talk about the impact you’re having on people and the planet. Every day, we help leaders to think more deeply about their impact on local communities, on society more broadly, and what to do about it.

We help businesses and social sector organizations measure what matters and showcase their impact.

Corporate social responsibility, impact measurement, and reporting are new organizational imperatives. As you define your social responsibility and ask how you can best engage your stakeholders to help achieve your mission, we’ll help you decide what to measure, and how to present the right insights to decision-makers and influencers.

We’ve worked with a long list of CSR and social impact pioneers, including some of the most respected sustainable brands in the world. Whether you’re making your first, cautious investments in a corporate social responsibility program or you’re an early adopter at the cutting edge of social innovation, we’ll help you showcase your leadership in your organization, your sector, and your community.

Showcasing Accountability

We’re often asked whether reporting on impact is a worthwhile investment. Will it take more effort than you can manage? Do you have ready access to the right information? Are you able to assess your performance against widely accepted standards?

We shared our perspective on these questions when we published our inaugural impact report at Junxion. In short, reporting promotes transparency, which in turn invites collaboration on issues of importance both to your organization and its stakeholders. Showcase your accountability and you’ll be rewarded by stakeholders who are keen to help you do even better.

Junxion has been deeply involved in the Global Reporting Initiative, B Corp’s B Impact Assessment, Demonstrating Value, and more recently Reporting 3.0—leading frameworks for social and environmental reporting. We’ve helped social entrepreneurs, major philanthropists, and global multi-national corporations to assess their context, articulate their social purpose, demonstrate innovation, and showcase their impact.

Let’s talk about how we can help you lead your organization into the next economy.

Case Study: adidas Sustainability Reports

The adidas Group needed to disclose how they were addressing labour and environmental issues in their supply chain in a way that would be credible to critical audiences such as activists and analysts. Sustainability reporting has helped position the adidas Group as a company that takes the issues seriously and is working hard to address them. Read More….

Case Study: Vancouver Foundation Green Grants

We researched and wrote a case study report on the $2MM Greenest City Community Grants Program, a joint program of the City of Vancouver and the Vancouver Foundation. Mark Gifford, the project lead at Vancouver Foundation, described the case study as “a succinct and practical compilation of wisdom for future grant makers.” Read More….