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Operations Director

The Operations Director (OD) has wide ranging responsibilities including strategic leadership, financial and risk management, human resources management, analytics and information technology development, labour relations, and privacy requirements.

Junxion Strategy is an international social impact consultancy.

For over 20 years, we’ve been advising on strategy, sustainability, and social impact, for a global portfolio of clients that includes some of the world’s most courageous and generative brands. From offices in Vancouver, Toronto, and London, UK, we’ve served clients on five continents, helping define their purpose, plan their impact, tell their stories, and embrace accountability. In a time that requires bold solutions, we extend this invitation:

Let’s be Audacious, Together….

Job Summary

The Operations Director (OD) has wide ranging responsibilities including strategic leadership, financial and risk management, human resources management, analytics and information technology development, labour relations, and privacy requirements. The OD is a member of the business management team and helps to set long term direction for the organization, integrate work across the global offices, and steward the confidence of clients and partners in our work. The successful candidate will bring a values-based leadership approach, contributing significantly to a culture that is inclusive, supportive, and oriented to stakeholder engagement, social and ecological impact, and innovation.

The job is full-time, 37.5 hours a week and Eastern time zone based. We expect this role to be available across the Canada EST working day, and we have some set meeting times. This role supports our London (UK) and Vancouver teams so while some flexibility around working hours is required, we are also flexible about when you work and where you work. 

Key Working Relationships

The OD collaborates with a variety of stakeholders including clients, the Junxion consulting team, external contractors, accounting staff, and SaaS providers to ensure Junxion is accountable, efficient, and effective. The OD reports directly to the CEO and is a critical part of the business management team. The OD works closely with the Project Director (PD) to support the achievement of Junxion’s business objectives.


Management of Junxion’s performance monitoring and reporting systems

  • Guide the effective delivery of financial and accounting functions and reporting; forecast and long-term budget modelling; oversee the work of the Controller and Bookkeeper(s).
  • Provide financial analysis/expertise/advice to Principals and/or client projects to ensure that operating decisions are based on sound business principles and to assist in the achievement of business objectives consistent with the strategic plan.
  • Ensure financial policy is current and policies are reviewed on a regular basis to ensure they reflect current business practices.
  • Create and maintain systems for internal performance monitoring and reporting (e.g. sales pipeline, project margins, etc.); develop and maintain targets for leverage, utilization, and team structure for a business model that embeds financial and social impact into its operations.
  • Alongside the Managing Director, choose indicators, set targets, analyze and interpret data, and prepare periodic impact reports

Strategic leadership of the IT systems and processes that support the consulting team in service delivery e.g.

  • ‘Product ownership’ for complex platforms like Zoho, Mavenlink, and QBO, and the related integrations and/or automations.
  • Evaluate new tools and approaches for service delivery.
  • Leading team training on workflow and efficiency, with Project Director.
  • Management of Junxion’s IT hardware and enterprise software purchases and subscriptions, including provisioning/deprovisioning employees, supported by a contracted IT helpdesk service.
  • File management (storage, database, etc.) and/or file creation workflow automation.
  • Monitor and proactively address consulting team needs as they arise day to day.

Support Junxion’s human resources and personnel management function.

  • Manage employee benefit plans and other company-wide memberships and subscriptions.
  • Advise on timing and requirements for new hires.
  • Participate in annual performance evaluations and service line reviews. 

Knowledge, Experience & Skills

Knowledge, Training and Qualifications

  • University degree (Masters preferred) with a focus on business administration and strategic management.
  • Familiarity with and passion for socially responsible business principles and practices, such as social entrepreneurship, corporate social responsibility, and sustainability.
  • Significant awareness and evidence of engagement on issues of social entrepreneurship, CSR, social justice and/or environmental sustainability.


  • Minimum five years in a business management role with budgeting and oversight responsibilities.
  • Minimum five years working in a multi-project environment in the corporate sector, a consulting firm or creative agency, NGO and / or international agency.
  • Experience with product ownership and agile implementation for enterprise software systems in a fast-paced work environment. 
  • Experience with data integration, automation, analysis and reporting.

General Skills and Attributes

  • Excellent communication, interpersonal and presentation skills and the ability to work with senior executives and team members alike.
  • Excellent organizational and planning skills, as well as the ability to juggle multiple priorities and projects.
  • Independent, strategic thinker, able to exercise sound judgement in the face of conflicting pressures and deadlines.
  • Ability to work with a high degree of autonomy.
  • Experience anticipating problems and challenges, and providing leadership in creating innovative solutions to achieve project / organizational objectives.
  • Ability to collaborate with multiple stakeholders and ensure that the business/project outcomes are being achieved.
  • Ability and willingness to always lead by example.
  • Ability to mentor and coach and develop team members through authentic discussions, constructive feedback and providing opportunities for development.
  • Flexible attitude toward working environment and ability to work as part of an international team.
  • Experience using various PM software and tools; working knowledge of Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), Google Apps suite and Keynote.
  • Strong and professional customer service orientation.
  • Understanding of and commitment to Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI). 

Junxion Specific Skills and Attributes

  • Courageous: Comfortable speaking truth to ‘power’ to assert an informed point of view.
  • Courageous: Demonstrated commitment to stretching themselves in service of learning and development.
  • Generous: History of engagement with social causes, whether through philanthropy or volunteerism.
  • Generous: Lends a careful ear to others—’generous spirit.’
  • Fun: Engaged in creative, athletic, or other pursuits outside of work.
  • Fun: Brings some laughter and levity into the room!
  • Collaborative: Works with a variety of colleagues congenially & productively
  • Achievement: Strives to exceed clients’ goals on every engagement
  • Leadership: Self aware & takes responsibility for own performance & health
  • Leadership: Seizes opportunities for personal development
  • Leadership: Demonstrates character, including honesty, resilience, reliability and confidence
  • Leadership: Builds collaborative, cooperative spirit among colleagues & clients
  • Leadership: Sets & acts to implement strategically sound client programs & projects
  • Socially-Minded: Active in environmental, social change and / or charitable pursuits
  • Optimist: Believes the world can be made better by our work
  • Humble: Able to look past their ego, recognise their idea may not always be the best one
  • Open Minded: Enjoys the diversity of other’s personal experiences and cultural touch points
  • Energetic: Adds to the level of energy in discussions and / or experiences 

Designing for Success

Junxion is a small team that anticipates significant growth in the years ahead. It’s a dynamic workplace with a culture of expecting everyone to be a leader, and where transparent, open discussion of what’s effective (and what’s not) is encouraged. We believe that if each of us works with these values in mind, we’ll build the company, culture and change we want.

  • Generosity: We strive to cultivate value by ‘showing up’ supportively and empathetically, ‘seeking first to understand,’ and focusing on relationships, more than transactions.
  • Courage: We demonstrate leadership by asking the tough questions, making the hard decisions, and speaking truth to power.
  • Curiosity: We are a learning organization. We immerse ourselves in our clients’ work, seeking first to understand. And we embrace new ideas, models, and frameworks if they will enhance our impact.
  • Fun: There’s always space for humour. Work’s more fun if we don’t take ourselves too seriously!

Remuneration and Benefits

Hiring range CAD $85k-95k. Significant salary increases possible based on performance. Junxion offers profit-sharing to all employees, three weeks of paid vacation to start, plus a week in December, health & dental benefits, and flexible work schedules/arrangements.

Diversity and Inclusion

Junxion is committed to building a team that represents different backgrounds and perspectives. It fosters our personal growth and helps us better meet the needs of our clients and communities. We want to ensure every applicant is treated fairly and with respect regarding race, national or ethnic origin, colour, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, family status or disability. We strip resumés of personal details to help us evaluate candidates on their skills and experience.

Ready to Apply?

Please send a covering letter, your current CV and two references to [email protected]