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Junxion Partners

We hold a bold vision of an economy remade to serve the common good. Our partners share this vision and we frequently work together to accomplish goals none of us could reach working alone.

If you want to go far, go together….

Movements for social justice, inclusive economics, and environmental conservation and recovery are emerging from grassroots organizing around the world. Junxion is just one of thousands of organizations pushing for a more inclusive, healthy, and sustainable future.

Junxion partners with like-minded organizations to enhance and extend the services we provide to our clients and to mobilize knowledge across diverse disciplines. When you choose to work with Junxion, you also get access to this remarkable group of companies and organizations.

Our Partners
Delphi Group
Delphi is a sustainability consultancy that has helped some of Canada’s highest-profile organizations be more transparent, accountable and prosperous.
GLOBE Series
GLOBE Series convenes the innovators and changemakers who are accelerating the clean economy, including at the biennial GLOBE Forum and GLOBE Capital conferences.
Affinity Bridge
Affinity Bridge provides expert digital strategy, design and development to create effective websites, apps and campaigns.
r3.0 promotes redesign for resilience and regeneration, crowdsourcing open recommendations to achieve a thriving, regenerative, and distributive economy and society.