Get Started with Impact Measurement

A two-part webinar series from Junxion’s resident measurement champion and guru Garth Yule.  These sessions cover the five essential practices that describe how to do impact measurement well: Plan your change, Use performance measures, Collect useful information, Gauge your impact, and Report on results.

Session One: Let’s Get Super Clear on the Needs

This first session focuses on how to clarify your information needs, and your key audiences’ information needs so that no effort is wasted collecting data nobody needs.

Session Two: Now to Gather, Sort & Share Your Findings and Valuable Insights

This second session focuses on how to develop your capacity to collect and use information to gather evidence, increase the credibility of your findings, and share valuable insights about the difference you make.

Useful Tools for Demonstrating Value

Here is the Information Map Template using Google Sheets, this tool was designed by Garth to complement the Demonstrating Value workbooks for impact measurement and reporting.

No Time? No Problem

Download a PDF with all the slides from both webinar sessions here Get-Started-with-Impact-Measurement-Garth-Yule-March-2021.pdf (6 downloads)

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