Web & Online Engagement

Embracing a Digital World.

Strong brands connect with our hearts and minds—but they must first catch our attention. Today, more than ever, digital marketing is imperative for every organization. The best stand apart by integrating online communities with offline engagement.

It’s not a simple proposition. Diverse audiences will engage in different ways with your campaigns, your products and services, your support and community. And while some may learn of you on social media and learn about you on your website, others will encounter you offline, and visit your site to confirm their first impressions. ‘User journeys’ can be convoluted.

Website Planning, Design & Development

Of all your marketing tools, your website is the only one that influences all your stakeholders. The right architecture, functionality, messaging and user experience make for a vital and mission-critical asset, and an essential platform for your mission.

Key Services:

  • User Analysis
  • Digital Strategy
  • Interactive Design
  • Web Development
  • Social Media
  • Online Campaigns
  • Hosting & Maintenance

Are you working across borders? Do you know which social channels are preferred where your stakeholders live and work? Engaging people with disabilities? Are you up to speed with current web accessibility standards? What about data security? Compliance with privacy legislation?

By integrating your website and online efforts with your offline communications and business processes, we’ll ensure you drive value and impact with your work overall.

  • Better teams build better sites: You’ll benefit from Junxion’s multi-disciplinary team of strategists, analysts, designers and project managers, working in close collaboration with them to ensure even the most complicated of projects gets completed step by confidence inspiring step. Whether we take a contemporary, ‘agile’ approach to development and campaign implementation, or a more traditional, ‘waterfall’ approach, you’ll be assured of best-in-class project management.
  • The right tools for the job: We’re technology agnostic, so you can be sure you’ll have the best tools for you, not the flavour of the month. Open source, or private software-as-a-service. Your host and servers, or ours. And integrated with the tools and systems you use every day to run your organization.
  • Measure to manage success: Whether you need a small site for a short-term campaign, or a large information portal that serves users around the world, you’re not finished when the site goes live. Measurement of site performance against your strategic priorities will empower ongoing refinements, design and development that will keep you moving on mission.

Online Engagement & Campaigns

The unparalleled efficiency of digital campaigning makes online outreach lightning fast. But unlike traditional media, two-way engagement is what makes online marketing powerful. Welcome to the Age of Engagement.

You’ll benefit from Junxion’s 20 years of responsible marketing and activist campaigning experience.

Whether you aim to rally a local group, or to send a call to action around the world, digital campaigning starts with a clear understanding of the audiences you aim to reach. You’ll benefit from Junxion’s 20-year history of consumer and business-to-business marketing, and equal tenure in activist campaigning.

  • Know your audience: Start by putting your audience at the centre of your planning. Social media channels have the big data to get you part of the way there, but equally important are the nuances of how and why people make decisions, choose products, and lend support.
  • Match your market and your media: Knowing your customer is one thing. Understanding the online tools and networks they use is another—especially for international campaigns. Should you choose email or SMS? Or WhatsApp? Should you choose Facebook or LinkedIn? Or Orkut? We’ve run campaigns on four continents. Leverage what we’ve already learned.
  • Integrate with offline: Why would you plan a digital campaign in isolation from real world activity? Sure, it’s imperative you take advantage of the unmatched efficiency of online reach, but to achieve your mission, you need to drive offline engagement, too. Digital agencies don’t do that. Junxion does.

Whatever your vision and mission, motivating people to pay attention, to care, to act is essential to your cause. Let’s talk about how our experience can support your campaign.

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