Menaka Premkumar

Garth Yule

Menaka is a creative, collaborative consultant, passionate about mobilizing business to be purpose-driven. Nothing gives her more joy than work in organizational strategy, sustainability and social impact. Numerous opportunities for interdisciplinary work in diverse teams over the course of her career and education make her an intuitive team member, with a keen eye for individual strengths and competencies.

She gained foundational experience in the intricacies of product design, product life-cycle and supply chains at one of India’s largest export houses.

Career highlights include mapping a detailed business case for a new technology for sports retailer MEC, developing brand positioning for organizations ranging from small non-profits to large commercial enterprises at REX Marketing + Design, redesigning curriculum to reflect principles of sustainable design as an educator at LaSalle College, Vancouver, and supporting local artisans as the co-founder of apparel brand Soirée.

She holds a B.A. in Psychology from Mumbai University, a B.Tech. in Apparel Design from the National Institute of Fashion Technology and an MBA from UBC, with a focus in Product & Service management.

A typical day at work finds her immersed in planning, branding, impact measurement and project management to support change-makers on their journey toward more responsible business, a regenerative economy and a better world.

On a weekend, on the other hand, you’ll find with her out and about with her partner Dwayne or curled up with a book, hot chocolate and Leo her cat.