Emerge Stronger with Projects

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, the increasingly complex interplay of systemic challenges around the world was touching all of us—in all aspects of our lives. One thing that’s being revealed to us now is the once in a lifetime chance to reimagine how we think about our work—to embrace next economy thinking. At the organizational level, a strong project skillset …

Reflections of Our CEO: Making the Most of The Time We Have

I’ve always shied away from calling myself a philosopher. I feel brash or pretentious using it to describe myself. But recently a friend graciously indulged my inner philosopher, opening in me a new permission to take up that label. And it was just in time, for in this moment of crisis around the world, we will all benefit from thoughtful, wise responses.

In this week’s post, Mike Rowlands shares insights into a ‘juicy, generative conversation’ he had recently with his friend Steve Rio—a conversation you can now hear via Steve’s podcast, NOW with Steve Rio.

Reflections of Our CEO: Confronting Our Fragility

Over the past week, as international responses to the global COVID-19 emergency have escalated and become more urgent, we’ve been in conversation with our clients, partners, colleagues and others about the confusion, uncertainty, and fear so many of us are feeling. In this time of deep vulnerability, we are each confronting our fragility. Each passing day has brought more bad …