Social Venture Institute Impact Bio: Meghan French Dunbar

Meghan French Dunbar’s mission in life is to inspire and educate people on how business can be used as a force for good. Her ultimate goal? In 20 years, nobody will say “purpose-driven work” or “conscious business” or “sustainable business,” because doing good business will be the new ‘business as usual.’

Conscious Company Magazine CoversAs Co founder and Editor in Chieftess of Conscious Company Magazine, Meghan oversees the production of this nationally distributed publication that focuses solely on sustainable business and business as a force for good. Based in Boulder, Colorado, the magazine hit the shelves in January 2015, and is now in every US state, Canada and Mexico, and is quickly becoming a leading source of information for and about sustainable businesses.

Having established themselves as an authority in the space of purpose-driven business, Meghan and her business partner Maren Keeley are extending their brand into two key strategic areas—educational workshops and events, and their own job board of conscious careers, pairing job seekers with conscious employers.

Meghan wants to connect entities who take all stakeholders into account and measure success using metrics other than financial performance. These are companies that are striving to make a positive impact on local communities, societies, and the environment.

When asked what her own purpose is, Meghan replied simply “to live the fullest life I possibly can while having a positive benefit on the world around me.”

Conscious Company Magazine features companies striving to make a positive impact on communities, societies and the environment.

She went on to explain that while the majority of us spend our waking hours at work, 70% of the US workforce is actively disengaged with their work. “When you don’t find purpose at work and you’re just doing it for the pay cheque, you take that home with you and into our communities, and we all get stressed out.” She believes that if we can direct the majority of business effort towards solving those problems, the more engaged people will be at work, creating a virtuous cycle that self perpetuates. Meghan sees this as “the most powerful force on the face of the planet, the largest aggregator of human effort that I’ve ever seen, and I’m hopeful that it can solve a lot of the environmental and social ills that we are facing—and that my kids are going to be dealing with. “

The Conscious Company Magazine team is only two years young. They’re a small, committed group that’s working hard to expand Conscious Company’s brand and its impact. To help their efforts to grow, Meghan is looking for mission-aligned investors—people or businesses who believe in what they’re doing. All the companies she interviews have one thing in common: they have a purpose beyond profit. That doesn’t mean they don’t value financial profit. “To be a sustainable business, you have to have sustainable revenues. That’s how you stay in business and provide your team with a wonderful livelihood in order to thrive.”

Business is “the largest aggregator of human effort that I’ve ever seen.”

— Meghan French Dunbar

Despite the challenges of being in a startup, Meghan is full of hope about fulfilling the impact she’s driven to make. When asked what her message would be for the next generation, Meghan wants them to know that “We’re doing the best we can. We’re really trying.”

Meghan’s grandmother was a Croatian immigrant who created beautiful stained glass. When not working on Conscious Company, Meghan used to love spending time with her and has herself become quite the stained-glass artist.

Some might say there’s an irony here: looking at the world through rose coloured glass is literally commonplace for Meghan! Yet her job on a daily basis has her speaking to “inspiring. amazing human beings who are using business as a force for good. I feel we’re at a tipping point, as there’s a real collective effort of people who are really trying to make business better.”

Meghan will be presenting a Live Case Study at Social Venture Institute at Hollyhock this September.

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