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TurningPoint Strategy

Turn strategy into reality. Strategy can be a complex process, involving diverse stakeholders, many possible futures, and a dizzying range of options and possibilities. Yet in the end, strategy is also simple: It’s a plan of action to achieve a desired goal. If your strategy reaches beyond the bottom line, we’re here to help.


Aspire to a legacy of positive impact: Stronger communities. Healthier ecosystems. And financial success.

The divide between business and philanthropy is blurring. For decades, companies have focused excessively on short-term returns, while NGOs have focused on issues that businesses aren’t equipped or designed to solve. Those days are over. Transparency, sustainability and the triple bottom line are no longer reserved for the most progressive organisations. They’re imperatives for any organisation aiming to earn trust in the 21st century.

For some, this is new thinking. For everyone else, it’s still incredibly complicated. That’s where Junxion’s TurningPoint approach comes in.

Strategy. On Purpose.

TurningPoint is Junxion’s visioning and planning methodology. Whether you’re stepping into social responsibility or sustainability for the first time, or working at the forefront of social innovation, TurningPoint was designed from the ground up to help you change the world.

It’s a trusted, scalable framework that’s been used by NGOs, responsible corporations and social ventures to establish plans that are helping them break through to new levels of impact.

Its strength is the unique combination of skills and approaches we bring to the table: Group process. Design Thinking. Appreciative Inquiry. Team members with backgrounds in the humanities, activism, and storytelling. Add to that Junxion’s unrivaled comfort occupying the space between sectors—the wellspring of innovation and progress—and you’ll find Junxion is a partner that levels up your thinking, to achieve new heights of success.

You’ll never be the same again.

Ready to define & embed your social purpose strategy?
Benefit from our years of experience supporting organizations to define, develop, implement and embed their social purpose.

“We picked Junxion because their process is both methodical and inclusive. They really covered everything and included everybody. We have a strong, action-ready plan that will take us into our next era of support and growth.”

– Herb EibenstenerChief Operating Officer, Covenant House