Plan Your Impact

Plan Your Impact: “The Change You Seek….”

Strategy can be a complex process, involving diverse stakeholders, many possible futures, and a dizzying range of options and possibilities. Yet in the end, strategy is also simple: It’s a plan of action to achieve a desired goal. If your strategy reaches beyond the bottom line, we’re here to help.

Whether you’re in a traditionally structured corporation, a social venture, a non-profit social enterprise, a charity, or a foundation, it’s an essential element of strategy that you’re clear on the scope of the work you’ll do—and not do. Obvious? Maybe. But in our experience, it’s unusual for contemporary organizations to focus on their best opportunities.

What are you uniquely positioned to do?

In business, we look for the space that others aren’t occupying—the ‘Blue Ocean.’ In the social sector, we look for the additive work—the work that others don’t or can’t do to drive ‘the change we seek.’ In either case, we’ll help you find a distinctive offering that stands apart by making a valuable contribution to the world. That’s step one.

Many of our clients are focused on solving complex social or environmental challenges. In this context, and in every competitive arena in business, the best laid plans can be outmoded as soon as they’re written. So how does a team or leader respond when the context changes? Simply put, you allow for change.

Planning must allow for ongoing consideration of four key questions: What’s working? What’s not? What’s changed? And what new opportunities have emerged? And then to appreciate the upshot of all that.

If you’ve set a bold vision, chances are you’re not fully equipped to achieve it.

At least, not yet. Planning for impact is about agility, responsiveness, and resilience. Ultimately, you’ll be assessed as a leader based on what your organization achieves. Strategy is imperative, and implementation is your day-to-day work. So any viable plan must embed learning and organizational development. That’s step two.

We’ve been fortunate to work with—and push!—dozens of world-changing clients. Our strategic plans are consistently described as “the best plan we’ve ever had.” That’s impact. Let’s get started.

Case Study: Delphi & GLOBE Series

Junxion was engaged by the Delphi Group to help define a strategy that would renew their business model and unite the Delphi and GLOBE Series brands, along with Leading Change and EXCEL Partnership. Drawing on our experience and expertise in social innovation and on frameworks for collaboration amid complexity, we recommended a new, wide-reaching approach to bring the four brands together in a ‘constellation.’ Read More….

Case Study: BC Cancer Foundation

BC Cancer reliably raises over $50 million annually for cancer research and enhancements to care. However, the leadership team recognized that the strategic priorities of BC Cancer and the need for capital investment would require the Foundation to push past this laudable plateau. Using our TurningPoint™ approach, Junxion helped the BC Cancer Foundation to create an inspirational five-year vision and strategic plan. Read More….