TurningPoint CSR

With each passing year, we expect more from the organisations around us. Advocacy groups, regulators and the general public demand transparency, sustainability and social responsibility.

Companies’ leaders are asked some hard questions: How do you contribute to society—beyond earning profit and creating wealth? How will you define what you stand for, and build a brand that exhibits your values while also driving business value? How will you move beyond shareholder value to shared value?

Leaders are challenged to make CSR relevant to their companies’ performance, or shareholders’ expectations. And yet they’re being held to higher and higher standards year after year. The future of every enterprise is more open, inclusive, and responsible.


Moving from Checkbox to Change Agent

Through Junxion’s TurningPoint CSR™ approach, we’ll help you integrate financial value, customer loyalty, employee engagement and stakeholder relations, providing a clear framework for CSR, and enhancing real business value.

Together, we’ll envision the future of your enterprise—respecting shareholders’ interests, while considering the demands of stakeholders across and outside the organisation.

We’ll cast back from that future, bringing together the rigour of a measurable, relevant plan and the emotional connection that people have for aspirational brands. We’ll identify what it will take to turn today’s aspirations into tomorrow’s results: for strong financial returns, enduring customer loyalty, deep employee engagement, and strong stakeholder relationships.

Finally, we’ll deliver and help implement a consolidated activation plan that defines key commitments and specific, measurable milestone targets, while igniting the ingenuity, passion and perseverance of your employees and value chain. The result? Corporate Social Returns.

Download our Guide, Corporate Social Returns

CSR_Guide_Cover_ImageWhether you’re making cautious investments in a corporate social responsibility programme for the first time or you’re an early adopter at the cutting edge of social innovation, you’re one of millions of people engaging with complex social and environmental issues.

This guide helps senior-level decision-makers in medium to large companies decide what ‘next steps’ to take in their ongoing journey towards socially responsible corporate citizenship.

Learn more about the guide here, or download your copy here.