TurningPoint Strategy

Aspire to a legacy of positive impact: Stronger communities. Healthier ecosystems. And financial success.

The divide between business and philanthropy is blurring. For decades, companies have focused excessively on short-term returns, while NGOs have focused on issues that businesses aren’t equipped or designed to solve. Those days are over. Transparency, sustainability and the triple bottom line are no longer reserved for the most progressive organisations. They’re imperatives for any organisation aiming to earn trust in the 21st century. For some, this is new thinking. For everyone else, it’s still incredibly complicated. That’s where Junxion’s TurningPoint approach comes in.

Junxion_Turning_Point_LogoStrategy. On Purpose.

Junxion’s TurningPoint approach to strategy brings together an international, interdisciplinary and highly experienced team, recognised both for its inventiveness and its pragmatism.

Whether we’re working with the lean, mean founding team of a high growth social venture, the expert intrapreneurs of a corporate sustainability team, or the dedicated leaders of a prominent social sector organisation, we envision the enduring enterprise, and define the plans to make it a reality. Our clients consistently look back on TurningPoint’s collaborative dialogues, inspiring workshops and iterative approach as an inflection point for their organisations.

If you aspire to leave a legacy of positive social impact—for communities, for ecosystems and for shareholders, and if you recognize the best-laid plans are rooted in purpose, not in profit, we should talk about TurningPoint.

You’ll never be the same again.