Social Ventures

Accelerating Social Ventures

We work with visionary entrepreneurs, helping them launch, lead and grow breakthrough enterprises

Entrepreneurs are increasingly considering social impact and environmental sustainability as essential measures of their startups’ success. But as they find market traction and begin to grow, they quickly realize that without a sound, integrated strategy, the ‘triple bottom line’ can too easily become a litany of compromise.

Pursuing a Purpose Beyond Profit

Social entrepreneurs have a vision of a world made better by their enterprise. They’re focused, dedicated and inspiring. And they share common challenges, like managing the day-t0-day while staying focused on a grander purpose; engaging the partners and networks essential to addressing complex social and environmental challenges; and growing a dedicated team to become a thriving organization.

Social Venture Network Member BadgeThese are significant challenges. Junxion helps by…

  • Providing direct consulting support on strategy, branding and marketing.
  • Collaborating to convene supportive networks of social entrepreneurs.
  • Providing access to a global network of thought leaders, practitioners and experienced social venture leaders.
  • Speaking and teaching on relevant topics around the world.

Whether you’re leading an existing social venture, considering the launch of a new enterprise, or helping to support leaders who hold a vision of a world made better by their work, we’re interested to connect.

These enterprises and organizations are some of our clients: