Nonprofits & NGOs

Driving Campaigns for Change

We work with social sector Boards, executives and staff, crafting programs and campaigns that make the world a better place.

Not-for-profits and NGOs are increasingly struggling to develop the resources they need to manage sustainable operations, while the challenges they exist to resolve are only getting more entrenched and complicated. At the same time, social media and other technologies have changed the world of campaigning forever, and volunteerism is evolving to include senior level management and leadership.

Connecting Aspirations and Accountability

Whatever their cause or mission, every not-for-profit organization aspires to leave a positive legacy. Exactly how they achieve their work varies as widely as the work of players in any other sector: What are the sources of revenue and support that you need, to deliver the change you aim to make? Do you understand and can you explain to supporters the connection between the work you do, the change you seek, and your impact? Do your outreach and engagement campaigns go beyond lifting awareness to shifting behaviour?

Junxion supports not-for-profits, NGOs and organizations that support them around the world. We help our clients to answer these strategic questions, and develop the tools and capacity they need to make, measure and market their impact. We help with…

  • Direct consulting support on strategy, branding, communications, outreach and engagement.
  • Campaign planning, implementation and measurement.
  • Public engagement and behaviour change programs.
  • Collaborating to convene Executive Directors, Board members and other social sector professionals.

Many in the social sector are facing increasing demands to demonstrate their value, others are being asked to consider social enterprises as a means to raise unrestricted, core funding, and still others are no longer seeing the campaign successes they’re used to, because the landscape is changing so quickly. We’re part of all of these conversations and more. Please connect, and let’s talk about how Junxion can support you through what’s next.

These are some of the clients we’ve been privileged to support: