Our Clients

Over the past 20 years, Junxion has been privileged to work with a long list of impact makers–social entrepreneurs, leaders in corporate social responsibility and sustainability, philanthropists and not-for-profit organizations operating around the world.

While every one of them has had a vision of a world made better by their work, their missions have been incredibly diverse. Today, we focus on supporting…

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    Social Entrepreneurs

    “All progress depends on the unreasonable man.” George Bernard Shaw had it right. Those who envision a positive change in the world, and then work to make the world conform with their vision are certainly unreasonable. Many are social entrepreneurs.

    Entrepreneurs are like artists: They’re creative. Tenacious. Resilient. Social entrepreneurs are also driven by a world made better by their work. They’re activists. Disruptive. And Inspiring.

    We work to accelerate the ventures they lead, and to convene networks of social entrepreneurs, accelerating one of the truly global movements in business.


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    CSR & Sustainability Leaders

    Public demand for responsible corporate behaviour is at an all-time high, while public trust in companies is at an all-time low. This is not an easy dynamic for a dedicated intrapreneur.

    To drive a successful corporate social responsibility or sustainability program is to navigate competing corporate priorities, build a business case for change, and advocate with leadership for a broad, holistic decision framework.

    None of this is easy. All of it together is a daunting scope. Yet the capacity for impact in large companies makes the effort important and worthwhile. We seek out these visionary leaders, and help them move the needle.


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    Not-for-Profit Executives

    The Third Sector exists because there have always been challenges in society that governments and companies are ill-equipped to solve. And there have always been dedicated citizens focused on finding enduring solutions.

    Today’s not-for-profit sector is stretched to find answers to highly complex and interconnected problems, to measure and report their impact, and to do it all on budgets that continue to shrink. They have their work cut out.

    We support not-for-profit Boards, Executive Directors and other leaders with an empathy that can only come from having sat in their position.