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Another year, another climate change conference. As per usual it nearly collapsed, overran and produced a deal that doesn’t sound like far enough, fast enough. While governments clashed, money was talking in investment circles.

Or more accurately, walking. September saw the heirs to the fortune amassed by the iconic oil family the Rockefellers announce they were going to divest from fossil fuels. Banks continued to be embroiled in market-fixing scandals, doing nothing for the sense of trust in big business. But where there is turmoil, there is also innovation. Alternative economic models – both sharing and circular – gathered pace in 2014 and pointed to a better future, maybe together.

At Junxion we have been busy helping companies tell their sustainability stories. Whether that’s been about disrupting the market or making incremental improvements, changing governance structures or community engagement. Of course, there’s plenty more to do but we travel in hope. Onwards!

At Junxion we have been busy helping companies tell their sustainability stories

Heathrow_AirportHeathrow Airport Ltd (London)

Heathrow Airport is the UK’s largest airport and one of the busiest in the world. Junxion has partnered with consultancy DNVGL to deliver a range of services aimed at improving communications about aircraft noise and establishing better ways for the airport to engage with its stakeholders.

An independent Commission about airport expansion in the south-east of the UK has stated that either Heathrow or Gatwick Airport (which also serves London) should be allowed to build a new runway to meet growing demand for air travel. In this context, the airport has made various commitments  about critical issues such as noise and stakeholder engagement. This is also reflected in the Government’s Aviation Policy Framework. In support of this, we have conducted an independent review of the Heathrow Airport Consultative Committee and facilitated a new structure, terms of reference and working practices. We have also provided input on the Heathrow website so that it is clearer and more useful to local people concerned about aircraft noise.

Nordea_LogoNordea Bank (London)

Nordea is the largest financial group in the Nordic and Baltic region, providing banking services, insurance and investment advice. For the last two years, Junxion has helped them to produce CSR reports that tell a compelling story about their sustainability programme and what being a responsible corporation means for Nordea.

Nordea CEO Christian Clausen said of the 2013 report, ‘this finally feels like we have a report that is about us’. And he’s not the only one who likes it. Last month, it was awarded the media’s choice for the best sustainability report in Finland this year.

Work is currently underway on the 2014 report, dovetailing with the annual report messaging and building on last year’s success.

ACT_Foundation_EntrepreneurACT Foundation (Vancouver)

ACT Foundation aims to change job training forever to a model of lifelong learning that results in better performance, life satisfaction and career success for the working learner. Combining social innovation with entrepreneurial innovation, the Foundation has convened and is investing in a number of disruptive enterprises that, it is hoped, will collectively drive the change to a National Learning Economy.

Having developed the new brand and materials for their launch at the end of 2013, Junxion continued to support ACT Foundation throughout 2014. We further enhanced the website we had built for the launch and consulted on and designed their Vision paper as well as developed a suite of materials for their first anniversary conference in October.

Adidas_Group_Logoadidas Group (London)

The adidas Group is one of the world’s leading providers of sporting goods and home to globally recognised brands. During 2014 we continued our fifteen-year association with the adidas Group around their CSR communications.

Having helped the adidas Group find a fresh way to describe its sustainability strategy based around the four Ps – Partnership, Planet, People, and Product – the report we wrote for them this year on their performance in 2013 was the first to follow that structure.

We wrote mission statements for each of the Ps, then presented the company’s sustainability activities for the year under these headings. The narrative was presented as a pacy and engaging set of stories, complemented by rigorous reporting on progress against targets and detailed performance data.

Millicom (London)

Millicom is a leading international telecommunications and media company dedicated to emerging markets in Latin America and Africa. During 2014, Junxion partnered with Gather, who were designing and producing both the annual and corporate social responsibility reports for Millicom.

Junxion helped Millicom organise the presentation of the material issues identified through the materiality process they conducted. Working with designers at Gather, we created effective graphics that linked the issues in the materiality matrix to the narrative of the report. We helped shape and edited the content, producing a range of case studies to help communicate key messages and highlight significant achievements.

Partnership (London)

Partnership is an impaired annuities provider, helping people with health or lifestyle issues get a better financial deal in retirement than the mainstream market would provide for them.

Working together with creative communications agency Columns, we have begun a process of helping Partnership refresh the way it tells its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) story. We conducted a series of interviews with employees at both of its offices, exploring what CSR means to them. Synthesising what we heard, we have produced an initial insights paper exploring the implications for the CSR strategy and how to communicate it to stakeholders. The work is set to continue in 2015.

Marsh_and_McLennan_LogoMarsh & McLennan Companies (London)

Marsh & McLennan Companies is a global professional services firm providing advice and solutions in risk, strategy and human capital.

Working in partnership with our friends at Columns, we have been engaged to explore how the UK team can develop its charity partnerships. Conducting interviews with staff mainly from the UK but also in the head office in New York, we have been exploring how the company can draw together its brand, CSR strategy and community engagement work to maximum effect. This project will move into its implementation phase in 2015.

Vedanta_WomenVedanta (Delhi)

In April, a new CSR law came into effect in India, requiring large corporations to dedicate 2% of a rolling three-year average of profits into a number of categories of activities. As a result, Indian businesses are now bringing a sharper focus to their CSR strategy and actions.

Junxion has been engaged by Vedanta, a global diversified metals and mining company, to undertake and deliver several elements including baseline research covering a representative sample of local households and engagement with a variety of stakeholders. This work then transitions into development of a local three-year CSR plan, community engagement plan and NGO partnership model.

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