Fraser Basin Council | Sustainability planning for First Nations

Fraser Basin Council‘s Smart Planning for Communities (SPC) is a collaborative initiative, started in 2008, to assist local and First Nations governments in British Columbia in addressing their long-term sustainability challenges by providing resources and tools for planning socially, culturally, economically and environmentally sustainable communities.

At the end of SPC’s first year, and again at the halfway mark of its five-year mandate, Fraser Basin Council enlisted Junxion to evaluate the program’s success in overall business objectives and identify emerging opportunities.

Junxion helped guide decision-making and priority-setting around subsequent years’ activities. This process was key to meeting the needs and expectations of the program’s funders, its partners, and the Fraser Basin Council itself.

In between these two program evaluations, we developed an Impact Framework, providing SPC with an ongoing structure by which to measure and drive its success forward. The mid-term evaluation looked at the SPC’s progress, in part against the Impact Framework, and offered mid-course correction recommendations to move beyond strategy and planning, and focus more resources on implementation.

Our evaluations demonstrated that SPC has effectively delivered against the vast majority of its mandate. Our work has helped the organization deliver its core offerings within the context of a rapidly increasing level of local government sustainability planning, and in an increasingly challenging funding climate.

This project focused on environmental and social sustainability, and building community capacity to succeed.