Lessons for Social Enterprise Leadership

In the face of the complex challenges that social entrepreneurs aim to resolve, effective leadership is essential.

The ability to engage people and develop productive organisational coalitions, in service of real world results, is the essence of success for every social enterprise. This is particularly true when missions collide with entrenched systems—global supply chains, unsustainable food systems, and international conflict zones, to name a few.

So what does effective leadership look like? What are the skills social entrepreneurs need to move their teams, their organisations and their allies toward their visions of a world made better by their work.

In this five-part leadership series, Junxion’s Mike Rowlands outlines the diverse skills and approaches successful leaders use, in service of their missions. It begins with one truth that is increasingly apparent in the social impact sector—to master leadership, one needs to master one’s self. Leadership is a process of self-development.

Self-Leadership for Social EntrepreneursEngaging Others in Social EnterpriseAchieving Results in Complex ContextsCollaborating Across the Boundaries of OrganizationsShifting Perspectives and Transforming Systems


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