Junxion client profile: APCOM

‘Don’t hate what you don’t understand.’ John Lennon

Countless suffer because they live in a world that is ignorant of their needs. They are discriminated against by their own families, many times even by the ones who they elected to protect them—their own governments. A different sexual orientation can mean the end of the world for some people.

This is what Asia Pacific Coalition on Male Sexual Health (APCOM) wants to change.

Founded in 2007, APCOM is a coalition of members—governments, UN partners, non-profits and community based organisations—from Asia and the Pacific representing a diverse range of interests but working towards common goals. They advocate, highlight and prioritise HIV issues that affect the lives of men who have sex with men (MSM) and transgender people.

APCOM is focused on creating a world where MSM and transgender people live life fully, free of stigma and discrimination, a world where everyone is treated equally.

APCOM performs a critical role. They review and track the degree of inclusion of MSM and HIV issues in the national AIDS plans of various Asian countries, including the violation of rights. They work with MSM and HIV community networks and organisations by offering support, mentorship and technical expertise. They also nurture and help grow supportive networks. Finally, they advocate for qualitative research and extensive studies, which help policy makers and service providers in their work.

Junxion has been working with APCOM for the last several months to give them a stronger voice. We helped them re-articulate their positioning and have developed a new graphic identity, including a website and complete suite of materials (i.e., stationary package, report template, presentation folder and graphic standards). APCOM staff member Vaness models the new display banners, right.

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