Intern Experience: Ray Hopkinson

Interning has a bad reputation. Between menial tasks, minimal supervision and unfair remuneration, internships can cost interns more than they cost employers! We believe there’s a better way to host students and other learners.

At Junxion we aim to give our interns a workplan that ensures they make a valuable contribution and learn something while they are with us. In particular we want our interns to leave with a deeper appreciation of Junxion in three key areas:

  1. the nature of our business and being a B Corp,
  2. researching and prospecting for new business,
  3. delivering work for clients.

To ensure they reflect on their experiences and crystallise their learning, we encourage our interns to write a record of their time with us. This is Ray’s. Ray was with us for a busy 8 days this summer.

Oh! And we paid her the living wage. In London, that’s £9.40 per hour. Because it’s the right thing to do.

— Adam Garfunkel, Managing Director

In her own words…. Ray Hopkinson

Junxion is a leading corporate social responsibility consultancy that works to drive progress on social and environmental sustainability. Junxion works with businesses, social enterprises, and NGOs to create important and authentic brands. I was lucky enough to undertake some work experience at the London branch of Junxion this summer (2016).

Ray Hopkinson with Junxion Managing Director Adam Garfunkel

Ray Hopkinson with Junxion Managing Director Adam Garfunkel

It was announced recently that Junxion is one of the first 100 B Corporations in the UK. B Corps are a group of for-profit companies certified by the non-profit B Lab to meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability and transparency. As Junxion promotes these values to its clients and is an environmental and social consultancy for businesses, its B Corp status means that it is leading the way in its field and leading by example. In a technical age where so much information is online it should be in a company’s interest to be as transparent as possible for all its stakeholders. The work that B Corps is doing is so valuable and Junxion is helping to raise awareness of it in the UK.

During my time at Junxion, I was able to attend a B Corps meeting with Bryan Welch, CEO of B the Change Media. This meeting was to discuss the B the Change magazine, the first edition having only just come out the previous week. Bryan wished to meet with B Corp members to discuss a UK/European strand of B the Change Media and how UK B Corp members could promote it. I also attended a meeting with the B Corp Communications Group. This was aimed at trying to get companies, which had recently received their B Corp status, thinking about how to effectively communicate what B Corp means to them and their employees through their brand, communications and wider narrative. I wrote up a synopsis of the meeting, which was then passed on to everyone who attended.

As a CSR consultancy, Junxion has to find and win client business as well as service it. During my time I was fortunate enough to experience and assist with both aspects. In terms of business development, I researched client prospects and compiled my findings in a database. I also created a best practice list of some firms in part of the professional service sector in terms of CSR. This was determined from information available on their websites and through contacting members of the CSR or HR team or by contacting managers or partners who oversee CSR programmes at these companies. I then made a list of target prospects that Junxion could contact in the future.

I learnt so much in so little time whilst interning at Junxion.

Then I took on some work for one of Junxion’s current clients. I helped take notes on an interview for a position paper Junxion’s client will be publishing later this year. I then took part in a team meeting where we mapped out the content for the paper. I also put together a webinar—a web-based seminar about one of those position papers—which will be presented later on this summer.

I had not appreciated the level of consideration that goes into business development. Researching potential clients in considerable detail is an essential aspect of Junxion’s approach and this is a valuable skill for any occupation. I learnt so much in so little time whilst interning at Junxion and it really opened my eyes to the interesting and extremely diverse work that is part of this profession. I would love to work in the field of environmental consultancy, something which is of particular importance, especially during this period of political uncertainty where the future of environmental regulation is under threat.

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